Friday, 25 April 2014

A day of honour

If my Mum were still with us, she would have celebrated her 85th birthday today.
To honour her memory, I spent the day working outside in the back garden where she loved to relax by gardening.

We are almost at the end of April, and still no sign of our April showers.  We could use some rain.
Outside is dry and hot, and the earth is cracked.  Even though the grass is brown and crispy, there was still lots of trimming to be done.  Cutting dry brown grass is definitely not fun....dust flying every which way and the grass cuttings making you sneeze for evermore....not fun at all.
By ten o'clock I had had enough of the sun, and the grass.
Hustling inside, I rinsed my favourite mug to make myself a cool drink of one of our local drinks...mauby, a great thirst quencher.  As I started to dry my mug with the dish towel, it fell from my hands and crashed to the floor.

 You know that slow motion thing when you can see what is about to happen, but yet you know you can't do anything about it......because you just can't.
I saw my mug falling to the floor, but my hands just did not engage to break its was as if they knew it didn't make any sense trying.
Brownie realising that something was amiss decided that he should come into the kitchen to investigate, and I had to chase him away several times before he stayed away, while I cleaned the broken slivers up carefully from the floor...I did not want him to get any of the broken pieces in his paws.
I found him a few minutes later sleeping like nobody's business.
 Ain't life grand when you can sleep comfortably with your foot cocked up in the air??

My friend Paul had brought me some lunch from his lunch lady is always a healthy portion, and I am never able to eat it in one go.  Today I had leftovers.

Macaroni pie, rice and peas, baked chicken, steamed veggies and a tossed salad as it arrived yesterday.

Today was my Mum's birthday, and I know that she was with me in the beauty of the garden in spirit.
Happy Birthday Mum!!!


  1. I hope that your favourite mug didn't have sentimental associations. Why did I think you are vegetarian?

    1. I am basically vegetarian, but sometimes I do indulge in a small piece of fish or chicken.
      I will purchase a new favourite mug....this time with a picture of dogs on it hopefully.

  2. I also spent the weekend working in the garden and planting special plants to remember my Mom by. Gosh I wish I could send you some rain, we have too much.....

    1. Amazing that we're worlds apart and yet we were honouring our Moms in the garden at the same time.....great minds think alike they say.
      I would take any rain I could get right now....even though I'm watering to keep my plants alive, the earth is so dry, that it doesn't make much difference.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.


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