Saturday, 5 April 2014

On my own today

Today, being Saturday, was my day to be out and about.  Sadly though, it was a solitary jaunt, but nice none the less.
My friend Kelly had her quarterly Garage Sale , and I went by to check it out. 
Well organised with "real" sale prices, it's no wonder that her friends look forward to it and are eager to support the cause. 
After leaving Kelly's it was off to the supermarket to recycle my bottles.....I don't like them to pile up. ...especially as the bottles are not as a result of me, but from my dear daughter and her friends.   Somehow, somehow, somehow, the empties end up here at my home.  I can't stand clutter and therefore they are out of my home before they have a chance to get comfy.  At the recycling centre, a refund voucher is issued which can only be used in the supermarket to purchase groceries.
I went looking for my favourite Hot Cross Buns, but there were none available....only the "other kind" made by the other bakery which I don't really care for.  I picked up some other necessities and left.
During the week, I had received an email blast from a home decor  store advertising a 40% Relocation Store Sale.  Since I was already in the area, I decided to stop by.
Limegrove Lifestyle Centre was my destination. 
Today the gardeners were trimming back several of the lovely plantings.  I stopped to have a chat and also to take a few photos of a beautiful heliconia which I would love to add to my collection.
Entering into the coolness of the courtyard, I was greeted by a pretty cow.
 How now brick cow???
"Just fine thank you."
The store I was looking for was on the upper level.  

The West Coast Garden Centre has a display which can be admired as the slow moving escalator takes you to the upper floor.
I liked this purple bromeliad a lot.
I had to remind myself that I was not on a plant hunting mission today, and move on.

A closer look of this display was necessary......
This plant pot gave me an idea to create one of my own....I like the elongated stones.

Along the corridor to the open door at the end.

There was hardly any merchandise left, since the pre-sale was yesterday....I came away with nada.

The store display next door was beautifully decorated with lovely origami birds in gold and white.

I made a mental note to myself that I needed to start making origami creations again.

As I wandered back out to the entrance, I became aware that quite a few of the stores that had their doors open for business the last time I was there  were now sadly closed.
We can only hope that this worldwide economic crisis will soon be think that a few greedy folks were able to bring the world to a economic standstill...let's hope we can continue to ride the wave of uncertainty until it peters out on the shore and we can stand economically strong again.


  1. I love looking at those sort of shops but the price tags usually scare me off. I loved that origami piece though. John likes doing origami. Maybe I can convince him to do something like that.

    1. Have no fear Ros, normally I would not have visited if there wasn't a sale.
      John can make you a larger version of the origami birds. There are many designs online that you can check out.

  2. I loved the brick cow! The garden centre looks very up-market too.

    1. The cow was a cutie....I wonder what piece of art will be displayed the next time I swing by.
      The garden centre is up-market with the same kind of prices....I should pay them a visit soon...I have not visited for a long while.


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