Thursday, 24 April 2014

Ash ash everywhere

It has been going on forever.

From as long as I can remember, during the sugar cane harvesting season, (known as "the crop"), which happens to be our dry season with intense drought conditions, there have always,.... yes,...... I repeat.......always been a series of cane fires and bush fires.
Tons of acres of cane/bush fires deliberately set by the stupid folks who walk among us.

Back in the olden days it was definitely necessary to light cane trash to eradicate invasive rats living among the sugar cane on the plantations, but no longer.
Our cane fields have dwindled over the years, creating room for housing, and we can barely produce enough tonnes of sugar for export.
I guess due to this fact that our sugar production has reduced drastically, it is no longer appealing to set fire to the cane fields, hence the "stupidees" have moved on to bush fires.

Cleaning the house is a nightmare, for no sooner have you finished mopping the floor, down comes another avalanche of ashes from the sky.  Closing the windows and doors don't help, for it somehow manages to creep inside via any available niche and cranny.
This morning as I opened my kitchen door, the ground was littered with ash....ash everywhere.

Here is ash

There is ash

Everywhere is ash ash

These fires, whether cane or bush  pose a serious threat to property and life.  For asthmatics like myself it is a nightmare...a torment so to speak, which puts our lives in grave danger.
This seasonal habit has got to stop. A couple of weeks ago, at the end of the school term, schoolchildren and their teachers had to evacuate and seek urgent medical attention for the asthma and sinusitis sufferers among them, due to bush fires that were burning in a nearby vicinity to the school.

Some have pointed out that this is the dry season and that bush fires will occur naturally, but we all know that Mother Nature has nothing to do with these fires.
We have the "stupidee" pyromaniacs and also those folks who still insist on burning their rubbish outdoors to blame for these ongoing fires.

The Barbados Fire Service has been working overtime trying to control these fires.
Senseless fires set just for the fun of it, and destroying land and sometimes property and animals.

Several acres of land burnt unnecessarily...putting a strain on our limited water supply....this is our drought season.
Cane cutters at the plantations are now harvesting burnt sugar cane....ridiculous.

It makes no sense to me.

Some serious penalties need to be imposed by the authorities for anyone caught committing this practice.
This reckless madness has got to stop.


  1. That's terrible. We have horrible bush fires in Australia. Lives lost and property destroyed, and often they find someone has started the fire. They must be sick to do such a thing as well as stupid.

    1. Every single year it's so nonsensical in my book that I wonder what I would do if I ever met the person/s who are responsible for such callous regard for life and property.

  2. The mentality of anyone who starts fires deliberately is beyond my comprehension. But then so is much that humanity does.

    1. I can never understand why some folks have such a don't-carish attitude towards carry out such a vile act is beyond my comprehension as well.


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