Saturday, 12 April 2014

My friend Geico

My friend Geico who lives up the street is missing.  His mum came over and told Mum that he has wandered away from home.
Geico is way way smaller than I am, and somehow was always managing to escape through his gate and walk all over the neighbourhood.  Sometimes he would stop by outside my gate and I would bark a cheery hello to him.

Mum was very worried about my friend Geico.  She thought she saw him playing with some kids in the village down the hill one evening, but by the time she went to check, he had already ran quickly away and he couldn't be found.
I don't think Geico's Mum had any photos of him to put up "Missing Dog" flyers.
I think that's why Mum has been taking so many photos of me recently, in case I am ever lost.

Any time I find my gate open like when Mum is taking the garbage out, I venture outside and attempt to cross the street and Mum always says "Hey!!"   I hear her loud and clear....I hustle my butt back inside to safety.
Mum doesn't understand that there are lots of new scents to sniff at outside the gate....maybe that's why Geico has gone travel the world and experience new sights and smells. I really hope he's okay wherever he is.
I know Mum has been praying for his safety.

Every day I keep an eye out for my friend.

I hope Geico makes it back home safe and sound soon.

Yes, it's me Brownie who wrote this post, since Mum is all caught up with a few projects and has been neglecting her blog duties recently.


  1. You write very well, Brownie. Are you right-pawed or left pawed? Hope Geico turns up soon and is safe and sound.

    1. Mr. CJ, my Mum told me you were a funny one....I type with both paws.
      I'm keeping my paws crossed that my friend Geico comes back home soon.


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