Sunday, 6 April 2014

The Rogues

Last year around this same time, I planted some different varieties of heliconias and gingers in the garden beds at the side of the house.

 I made sure to leave a fairy large space at the end for my herbs and other eatables which I intended to plant.
It took a while for the heliconias to fill out the upper area, but when they did, they turned "rogue" and started to invade my herb garden.
Several weeks, then months went by, and I kept on putting it off to dig those "rogues" out.  The next thing I knew I had heliconias cozying up to my rosemary bush and also rubbing shoulders with my dill and thyme.  I knew I had to get them out soon, but yet I kept putting it off.
I wanted to re-design the herb garden and make it more user-friendly.....yet I didn't make a move to get it done.  To be honest I was working on other areas, and I figured the "rogues" could wait a while longer.
The invaders continued to throw their weight around in the herb  garden...which was looking less and less like a herb garden every day.

A friend of mine who is an avid gardener came by a few days ago and took matters into his own hands.
 A large pot of rogue heliconias to be dumped.
Grabbing my Mum's large garden fork, he set to work digging the "rogues" out.  He made light work of the task and in two twos they were out.
  Free at last!!
I should have taken a before photo, but I forgot.

My herbs were free again, and the soil in my herb garden was turned over and raked to perfection.
I was so very very thankful for his kind help.  Thanks D!!
Now I can revamp my herb garden and organise it properly. Yes.....yet another project.

I didn't have the heart to discard the "rogue" flowers......they came into the house with me.
 Too pretty to throw away.

 Standing pretty in a vintage glass vase - a gift from my friend Frank a couple of Christmases ago.
I love having fresh flowers in the house, and I love them even more when they're from my garden.


  1. Yes I love fresh flowers too. Heliconias are a curious flower. I can never quite work them out. They sort of look lopsided. Do you have a preference for colours or types of flowers for indoors or do you just enjoy what's available at the time?

    1. I love all kinds of flowers as long as they are not heavily scented which bothers my asthma.
      I planted long-lasting flowers so that I would have them available for floral bouquets when I visit my family graves.
      There are thousands of varieties of heliconias, I could never collect them all. The last two varieties I collected were a Mother's Day gift from my dear daughter.
      Anytime she is stuck for a gift for me, she can always rely on a plant.....always appreciated. She thinks I have too much bush around the house, but heck I have convenient hearing on that remark.


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