Thursday, 17 April 2014

Where were you today?

What do you mean, "Where were you today?   I find you most rude to be asking me my personal business, but if you must know, I went into the city to take care of a few matters."
On My last trip into the city I promised that I would walk through the city via the lower end of the Careenage, and today I was able to take a lovely leisurely "stop and stare" stroll along the Wickham/Lewis Boardwalk to keep my promise.  So here goes.
The Boardwalk in the city of Bridgetown stretches from Hincks Street by the heliport along the Wharf and up to the inner basin of the Careenage.

Moored at the lower end of the Wickham/Lewis Boardwalk familiarly called the Bridgetown Boardwalk is the Jolly Roger Pirate Ship.

Strolling further along, we come across several sailing vessels docked in the Careenage.
These range from yachts, charter fishing boats, and fun-filled catamaran cruises.

At the eastern end of the Boardwalk is a lift bridge called the Chamberlain Bridge 

A different view as we continue on our way.
There are benches scattered at different intervals along the Boardwalk where you may linger and enjoy the view.

The Boardwalk looks empty, but believe me it was a task trying to take decent photos with so many folks around.....lots of patience to wait on a slow down of pedestrian traffic.

Carlisle named because of its location in Carlisle Bay.

On the land side of the Boardwalk are many downtown offices.

Speaking of those fun-filled catamaran cruises.
Old bond buildings across the water.

Opposite the boardwalk is the beautifully restored Old Spirit Bond Mall. 
The Old Spirit Bond Building has been refurbished as a mall with a number of small shops. The old brickwork was retained to add to its old world charm.
The building itself dates back to the 18th century and was used as a warehouse for rum and other fine spirits hence its name Spirit Bond.
In its strategic position right alongside the Careenage, it was easy for trading vessels to dock and offload their cargo and then reload with rum, molasses and sugar to transport  back to Europe and North America.
Details of the roof of The Spirit Bond

Shall we continue our walk?
You do remember I love sailing, and by-passing these boats is not my idea of fun.

The Plaque on The Boardwalk

The Independence Arch along the Chamberlain Bridge (swing bridge) which allows entry into the inner basin of the Careenage. 

Bridge House now the home of lovely shops and restaurants was also an old bond.

Parliament Buildings

On the Chamberlain Bridge....

On The Chamberlain Bridge looking toward the inner basin of the Carenage and the Duncan O'Neale Bridge.

There are some beautiful old buildings in the city, which I will highlight in another post in the future. Some of them are my old work places.

Time for me to get a move on, no more dawdling and taking photos and wishing I was off sailing somewhere.

Here are two youtube video links of the swing bridge in action.


  1. I'm not sure if I missed something but I didn't see anything go through when the bridge was open. The angles were very strange. Anyway that's beside the point. I thoroughly enjoyed a long and leisurely wander. In many ways it could have been Napier or any similar old city with it's coloured buildings. I loved it. I can identify with it.

    1. In the first video there is a small boat going under the bridge after it has swung upwards....have another look.
      Bridgetown is a beautiful breaks my heart to see some of the old architecture being "uglified" into modern facades,
      I will write another post on some of the grand old buildings in the city soon.


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