Monday, 21 April 2014

Easter weekend

The Easter weekend here is a happy time and one that is looked forward to, since it lasts four days.
The Monday after Easter Sunday is called Easter Monday bank holiday, and is a day that find folks on the beaches with picnic baskets and coolers, flying kites, playing cricket, and generally enjoying the day.

My weekend was mostly quiet.
Good Friday,  daughter dear hopped on a flight to NYC to spend Easter with her cousins, leaving Brownie and I behind...she left in such a hurry that the poor boy was not included in her goodbyes...he was sleeping. When he awoke, he could not find her at all.
Where is she?
He spent quite a while looking around for her, and when he could pace and look no longer, he finally decided to eat his lunch.
I may as well eat my lunch before it disappears too.
 Lunch was followed by one of the leftover cupcakes which we shared for our dessert.

Saturday, I had an experience at a store that gave me an all-over good feeling which I will post about separately.

The Easter cupcake basket was dropped off for the staff at the RSPCA, and I spent the afternoon baking for a get-together in the evening.

I attended a farewell get-together for one of my friends. He is leaving for another island to live and work, and a party was held in his honour on Saturday evening.

 I baked a macaroni pie and a chocolate cake for the occasion.

The table centrepiece made with fruits and veggies.

As always, when we friends get together we have a great time.  We wished our friend the best in his new venture and promised him we'd take a trip to see him later in the year after he is settled in with his new job.

Easter Sunday dawned bright and sunny, and I rushed off to the early morning service, making it there just as the choir was beginning the processional.
The inspirational service and the poignant sermon were both well received, and we in the congregation had the opportunity to renew our baptismal vows.
As the priest kissed everyone (the ladies only) on their cheeks at the door after the service, he inquired whether I enjoyed the service, and I told him yes, and that I may even consider transferring my records to his church.  His eyes lit up like a kid on Christmas morning.  It is something on my To Do List, and I need to take care of it, sooner rather than later.

There was no need to cook a big luncheon since it was just me and Brownie.  I fixed a simple lunch and spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing, watching tv, and chatting with my friends on the phone.
Stir fry seasoned veggie rice, stuffed green bell peppers with granburger stuffing, steamed kale, and a tomato salsa.

A wonderful quiet and reflective day.....


  1. perfect day by the sound of it. Your dinner looks very yummy.

    1. A perfect peaceful day.....lunch was very yummy....anytime I have kale for lunch, I am happy.

  2. Very decorative food :) Glad you had a sunny Sunday too and enjoyed the church service.

    1. I enjoyed my lunch a whole lot....I have this thing about arranging food in different colours on my plate like a painting.
      The day was absolutely perfect.

  3. I've never tried kale although my niece eats it a lot I gather. Looks good though.

    1. You should give kale a my opinion it's better than spinach....try it, you may like it.
      You could probably use it in a stir-fry or a lasagne first to get accustomed to the taste.


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