Saturday, 19 April 2014

An Easter basket

I made an Easter basket.

As an Easter surprise for my favourite vet and his staff, I decided to bake a goodie basket full of cupcakes.

I found a recipe online for a sponge cake with no eggs, which I adapted for cupcakes.

It was all whisked together in no time

A light fluffy creamy batter

Cupcake batter all ready to go into the oven
Iced to perfection with miniature Easter eggs and marshmallow flowers.

These two didn't make the cut..... Brownie and I took care of them....couldn't have them loitering around could we?

I have to oversee ev....ery---thing that goes on here.

In the middle of the cupcake plate I placed a lovely doily flower that I had made.

All ready to go

The vet and his staff are the most hardworking and caring folks that I know.....they deserved something nice.
Entering the office, I was greeted with a warm welcome, and a hug and a kiss from Dr.Huey himself, who commented, "Boy we can't let anything happen to your little one, if not we wouldn't get lovely surprises like these!"
He always makes me laugh.
What a wonderful way to spend my jaunt day today.
Happy Easter to all of you...thanks for looking after us whenever we show up.

Here is a copy of a recent news article about my beloved vet.
and the RSPCA Barbados Facebook page link.


  1. I rarely eat cake but I could certainly be tempted! (By the way I'm not sure why I haven't been seeing your posts in my reader).

    1. I'm not sure either why you haven't been seeing them...I missed a few of yours too. When I thought you were not posting, then all of a sudden there were three posts to catch up on...I'm not sure what is going on.


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