Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Honesty is the best policy

My all-over good feeling story.
A couple of days ago when I went into the city to take care of a few matters, I walked along the back boulevard of the city by the sea side.  On the way, I came across a store that sold all manner of snacks  (Snack Shack) that I had not known existed.
Being the "snackist" that I am, I could not help but enter this store to check out their selection of goodies.
I cruised the aisles and picked up a few of my favourite snacks (which were well priced), and approached the cashier.
The cashier was a pleasant young lady who checked my items in a professional manner.  We exchanged pleasantries as she handed me my change.  My mind was still focused on all of the errands that I had ahead of me, and so I did not realise that I received incorrect change.
I headed out the store and continued on my way.  It was not until I was in another store when I reached into my purse to pay for my items that I realised I was short of funds.

In the Snack Shack,  I remembered I had paid with a $50.00 bill but the receipt reflected that I had paid with a $20.00 bill and I had been given change accordingly.

I hurriedly retraced my steps to the store and explained the situation.  The supervisor who handled the matter was also very pleasant.  She however explained to me that they did not have the authority to run a subtotal of the cashier's funds in her till until the end of the day, so she would not be able to count her funds and check for an overage difference at that time.  Apparently the head office had changed the store policy in that regard.  There was nothing that could be done except wait for the cashier to finish her shift which finished at 6pm.
There was no way I could hang around or return at that time, so the supervisor and I exchanged contact information and I headed home. 
The following day was Good Friday and the store like all stores on the island was closed.

Saturday morning, I placed a call to the store, but the supervisor was not on duty that day.  I began to get a funny feeling.
What happened next made me feel so good all over.
The friendly cashier took the call and told me that she was indeed over the difference when she checked out at the end of her shift, and that I could come by and collect the change.
WOW!  I was totally blown away.  I had hoped that I would get the money back, but I knew full well that honesty does not always take part in proceedings like these.

I immediately went in search of my stash of "on-hand" gifts that I keep for emergencies like these and chose a nice token of my appreciation....wrapped it up  and placed it in a gift bag and set off for the store.

When I arrived, the cashier, ever so pleasant said she was sorry for the error, and handed over the change.  I told her not to worry because we are all human and we all make mistakes. 
I gave her my little token of appreciation.  The card simply read.."Thank You for your honesty!"
She smiled and thanked me.  I told her to don't ever change her ways. 

You know what happened next don't you?  I cruised the aisles again, and picked up more snacks....just couldn't help it.

Thank you to Jakera and Miss Callender, you are both a treasure to your organisation.....keep up the good work, and thank you for your honesty.


  1. love to hear stories like this cause too often customers get treated unfairly.

    1. I know how these discrepancies can turn out sometimes, and I was prepared to post about it whether it turned out good or bad.
      So good to see you, it's been a while.
      Hope the boys are doing well.

  2. I regret that stories with this ending are rare but they do happen more often than we think. It's just that the unpleasant ones stick more in our minds.

    1. I was so happy that it all turned out well....I must admit though that I did have the funny feeling in my stomach when I realised I was short-changed.


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