Monday, 9 July 2012

Age ain't nothing but a number

Last month I celebrated another birthday.
Don't ask, for I am not telling, suffice to say that I am still here paddling the canoe of life, and counting the years as they go by.
As usual, my daughter and I always share a birthday lunch together, and so we headed out to the northern city of Speighstown.  Speightstown was known as Little Bristol in the older days when ships laden with mostly sugar embarked from this northern city headed to Bristol, England.
This  quaint city with little shops, several restaurants, a fish market and the Speightstown Esplanade (bandstand), reminds me of the old Barbados I recall from my childhood.
The laid back way of the locals, shopping at the wayside vendors haggling for better prices on local and imported produce, hardly any traffic, and the view of the seashore makes it a haven to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.........any city, and maybe this is why I believe that Claudette Colbert the American actress, after her retirement would spend six months annually at her vacation home here, until her death in her beloved Speightstown.
We found our favourite beachside restaurant, and without looking at the menu, placed our order.
Sitting, waiting for our food to arrive was the opportune time to take several photos.

Peaceful and idyllic boatride

The Speightstown Jetty where fishermen dock and offload their catch

 We love the rotis, so we ordered our "usual". Rotis with mango chutney sauce.
 After our meal and a celebratory drink, I headed off to take a few more photos along the beach.
I came across the Speightstown Mural which was recently completed by the "Picasso of mural painting", John Pugh of California, his wife Annie, and local artist Don Small.

Largest "trompe l"oeil" mural in the region (80ft long x 20ft tall)
"Trompe l'oeil" = Deceive the eye

My eyes were not deceived at all, but none the less, it was a nice mural on an otherwise plain wall.
We then spent the afternoon wandering around the shops and trying in earnest to walk off the belly-filling did not work.


  1. That sounds like the sort of day I could really appreciate. The mural looks splendid but just at the moment in a cold and wet and miserable UK I'd settle for a few hours in the sun.

  2. Oh my, I hope it's not that kind of weather when I get there. Sorry it's not more pleasant for your travels. I am enjoying traveling around with you. Hope it clears up for better weather soon.


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