Friday, 13 July 2012

Such are the vicissitudes of life

"Vicissitudes" by Jason de Caires Taylor

"Vicissitudes" was created by Jason de Caires Taylor, an artist who creates unique underwater sculptures that focus on natural ecological processes.

"Vicissitudes" is an underwater sculpture that honours the African ancestors lost in the sea during The Middle Passage.
It is located 5m (14ft) below the surface in Moilinere Bay, Grenada.
In 2006, Taylor gained international recognition for creating the world's first underwater sculpture park in a section of this island's coastline that was badly damaged in 2004 by Hurricane Ivan.

The sculpture is made up of life-size casts taken from a group of children of diverse ethnic background standing in a circle holding hands.

Quoted from the website, "The sculpture proposes growth, chance, and natural transformation. It shows how time and environment impact on and shape the physical body. Children by nature are adaptive to their surroundings. Their use within the work highlights the importance of creating a sustainable and well-managed environment, a space for future generations. Taylor notes that close to forty percent of coral reefs worldwide has been destroyed and that this figure is set to increase. His work reminds us that the marine environment is in a constant state of flux, and that this in turn reflects poignantly the vicissitudes, changing landscapes, of our own lives."

Such are the vicissitudes of life.

N.B. Photos are from the Jason de Caires Taylor website.


  1. Thats fascinating. My niece and nephew-in-law have worked on the marine environment so I've had some awareness of the coral destruction. The problem is trying to achieve some benefit from creating the awareness.

    I do, though, feel that the parallel you have drawn makes one stop and think.

  2. Sometimes I wish there was a pill that we could swallow that would make our eyes truly open to what is really happening around us, and how we are responsible for the ills in the world, and what we must do to turn things around, although in some instances it is already too late.


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