Tuesday, 10 July 2012

It's me Brownie!!

After the death of the last of my bow wow clan, the house took on an eerie calm.
I have never ever not had a dog in my life. Even when I was away at university studying, I had roommates with dogs, so I was constantly surrounded by canines.
Only a dog would stay up till all hours of the night to keep you company while you studied, and share in your many snacks, lick your face when your head drooped towards the books, and keep your feet warm under the desk.
My six dogs had been with me for many years, and they were getting on in age, but still I was not prepared for when they left me.
Walking the supermarket aisles, I found myself automatically still reaching for their favourite meal combos...... realising I had to put them back made me quite sad.
I had chided myself that I was not going to get any more dogs in my life, since it was so hard to lose them.
The days were cheerless, and I began to sink into a depression that I was only vaguely aware of.
Then, one day, I received a call that saved my life and my sanity literally.
My mother-in-law was placed in an elderly hospice, and there was no one to take care of her dog, so guess who got to keep him.....ME!!!

Its me Brownie!!!

In your face!!
                     Who can resist those big brown eyes? 
             Soft brown coat? Corky smile?

I'm liking this camera thingy!!

Yes, I love the paparazzi - strike a VOGUE pose!!

Did you call me??

Don't even THINK about touching my ball!!

I said it's MY ball!!

We already had  a strong bond, since I was the one who named him years ago.
Together we will live each day and face anything that comes our way...I am sure we have many adventures ahead of us.


  1. Hi Virginia!! Wonderful to meet you. :o) I had five dogs until one died this spring. I'm just like you - I HAVE to have a dog in my life. Brownie is adorable. He looks so soft.

    1. Yes Tammy, he is a soft bundle of sweetness. Sorry to hear about the loss of your bow wow...they are so precious.

  2. What a lovely, intelligent face she has. I've made an assumption that Brownie is a girl's name but, of course, I may be wrong.

    1. GB, he would not be too pleased if he heard you referring to him as a "she". He would probably forgive you anyway..with his cute self.


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