Thursday, 19 July 2012

Murphy and his Law

I spent yesterday evening watering the garden......
You know how your thoughts wander while the water is flowing, and you get a chance to meditate and take in the beauty around you...listening for the last bird song of the evening, and are jolted with an uncontrollable thought....... "you know that as soon as you water the garden that the rain is going to fall" push that thought away and continue watering.
But you know Murphy and his law..."whatever can happen will happen"......and so it was...the rain began to fall.
The rain fell....and fell...and fell......hey Murphy!!!
Since when does Murphy have jurisdiction over the rainfall in my garden? Who gave Murphy the right to have a law anyway? Why didn't Murphy keep his law to himself?

Guess what?   The rain fell again today....hey Murphy!!!
The rain came from the sea side today and took me by surprise. The sound of the rain as it approached is always a warning signal to get under cover, but sometimes my feet don't quite understand the urgency, and I get rained today.
The smell of the grateful earth as it cools under those refreshing raindrops is a memory scent from childhood.
I stood looking out at how the sun was obliterated in one fell swoop.

My neighbour does the laundry on Thursdays....couldn't do that today.

Even the birds hurriedly flew away for cover leaving the trees empty and devoid of song.

The rain continued to fall.

Leaving in its wake a fully drenched least the grass is no longer crispy...but if I listen carefully, I can HEAR those dreaded weeds growing.

No rest tomorrow that's for sure....thanks Murphy!!!


  1. We're in the same boat here and it feels so good!

    1. I love the rain, but not when I have a ton of gardening to do.

    2. One can’t help but stare gaze at the beautiful sceneries of Beautiful Island of Barbados; The healthy vegetation, clear blue skies, and the fantastic Garden V, maintained.

      Unlike NYC, we are face with another beautify scenic view, of Beautiful buildings; that’s about it. I do admire the NYC, but it would never outshine that of Barbados.

      Barbados, My Beautiful Barbados, “Barbados, you would always be home to me”

  2. A friend from my teenage years living West of Toronto (same time zone as you) had the best three score years and ten birthday present possible yesterday - it rained! Glad Game: you won't have to water the garden today.

  3. Yes, I'm thankful I don't have to water the garden today, but I may have to cut the grass later!!!

  4. Ratman, sounds like you could use another trip home....start looking up those fares.


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