Monday, 30 July 2012

The Lady lies.....

I am somewhat of a movie buff..... lots of movies, including the old black and white movies of yesteryear.
Several of them left distinct impressions on my mind while growing up, and as I grew older, I gained an even deeper appreciation for the great works that they were.
My dad in particular was instrumental in molding my admiration for the old actors and actresses on the silver screen.
To this end, who can forget Claudette Colbert in her many outstanding roles?
Claudette Colbert, was born Emilie Chauchoin  (nicknamed Lily) on Sept 13th, 1903, in France, but was raised in New York. She moved later in life to Barbados, and settled into a 18th century plantation house "Bellerive", where she entertained such guests as Frank Sinatra and Ronald Reagan.
This famous American actress with over 60 movies to her credit died on July 30th, 1996 at the age of 92 after a series of strokes, at her "Bellerive" home in Speightstown.
She is buried at the St. Peter's Church cemetery situated at Godings Bay, in a crypt with her husband, Dr. Joel Pressman.

The quaint chapel at this cemetery is completely hollow.

Have no idea who this guy was but he was helpful with directions to the grave

Last month on a trek to Speightstown, I mentioned that Claudette Colbert was buried here in Barbados, so I thought it fitting to acknowledge the16th  anniversary of her death, by visiting her grave site to pay my respects.

The crypt is painted in a light orange hue, and is flanked by two potted pink desert roses.

It rests at the bottom of a flight of stairs.

 The urn on the right contains the remains of Claudette Colbert's mother Mme. Chauchoin - the two did not get along, hence it is some distance away from the main crypt.

The plaque on the crypt

Some of Claudette Colbert's movie achievements include:
It Happened One Night (Oscar)
Private Worlds
Since you went Away
The Hole in the Wall
The Big Pond
The Two Mrs. Grenvilles (Golden Globe)
oh and one more....
The Lady Lies

Trivia: Due to an injury to her nose, there was a bump on the right side, so she considered her left side to be her best side, and most of her film shots were of her left profile, even having an entire set rebuilt once so she would not have to show her right side.

One of her personal quotes: "Most of us don't know about happiness until it's over." very true.

This link will take you to a Vanity Fair article that depicts her life in its entirety.


  1. I live and I learn. I knew none of that except that Claudette Colbert was a film star and famous.

  2. GB, I'm glad to know that we are both learning new things from each others blogs...thanks for opening my eyes.

  3. Now I feel I need to watch one of her movies.

  4. A beautiful lady - and what a beautiful place to choose to spend her final years. I've seen a few of her movies but have learnt much more about her now - thanks.

  5. Mark, yes you have my permission to sit back and enjoy one of her won't be disappointed

  6. Missy, so glad you enjoyed the educational value of this post. I am learning a lot from yours as well, so I'm sending you a thank you too.

  7. That chapel looks a little bit creepy but I don't expect it really seems so in the bright sunshine. But if it was in dark and cloudy part of Scotland it would be a different story...

  8. Jenny, I need to go back and get a photo of the inside.
    Now that you mention it, the chapel does look a bit spooky, almost like a horror film prop.
    Loooove your cat favicon.


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