Saturday, 21 July 2012

De-stressing in Speightstown

Today was "my day".   I spend every Saturday morning with my girlfriends, but today I was on my own. The girls were busy working on other projects, so I kept the ritual going by heading out to Speighstown in the north of the island.  A trip to de-stress.
I decided to take the west coast road. The tranquil west coast, known as The  Platinum Coast, is the playground for the rich and famous, including many celebrities.
Driving with the windows down, and my favorite radio station playing some nice background music, I enjoyed my solitary journey.

I  passed  many hotels along the way.

 I finally arrived at my intended destination.
 After doing some shopping, I wandered along the Speightstown Boardwalk which runs parallel to the back of Jordan's Supermarket.
There is a cute and cozy inlet where the sea comes in to greet you.

Some inviting steps lead down to the water's edge.

Here we go, step carefully.

Our own private plunge inviting.

Now to continue our walk along the boardwalk.......

How picture postcard perfect......

A boat beckoning to come sail the blue sign of the owner...hmmm....

Just a while longer....yes, we shall tarry  a while longer.

How absolutely peaceful.......all the stress just melting away........perfectly lovely.


  1. Your post oozes warmth and relaxation. I find that however much beauty surrounds me and asks me to relax my mind my body needs warmth to relax. A relaxed body makes a relaxed mind easier to achieve. I am my mother's son in that respect.

  2. What? "my body needs warmth to relax..." ...please take my mind out of the gutter and tell me exactly what you are referring to.
    If it's warmth from a sunshine island, then Barbados is here, but I'm not quite sure what you mean...hmmmm.
    Actually I'm on the opposite side of the fence..when my mind is relaxed, then my body follows suit.

  3. No. I'm very wisiwig. I love the warmth of the sun. The warmth of human contact is a bonus in life but I've learned to live without that for some years so I just make do with the sun! Some say that's sad but hey ho that's life.

  4. Sometimes human warmth can lead to more harm than I stick to the warm sunshine....far safer...except the skin cancer part...heeheee


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