Monday, 16 July 2012

The bane of his existence

Poor poor Brownie.
It rained heavily yesterday, and after the showers, the monkeys came along the back wall to tease the poor fellow.
In his excitement to chase after them and to try catching them (I have told him umpteen times that he does not have wings), he fell back on his back right foot after missing his mark on the wet wall, and injured himself.
He was stunned, and could barely stand with such a hard landing ...
Trying not to panic, I carefully picked him up, and administered my nursing skills on the poor guy.
After a Panadol for the pain and a bandage wrap with epsom salts and wintergreen oil, he was able to rest comfortably.
He was still able to move along at a pretty fast speed as per his usual self, so I thought it may just be a sprain. However, to be on the safe side, we are off to the vets this morning, to make sure it isn't anything serious.

We have had a monkey problem for many years. Whenever the population got out of control, the government monkey trapper would take care of the problem.
The neighbours were up in arms over the behaviour and wild tactics of this troop.
They always managed to be one step ahead of us all the time.
And then there was "Brazen", so called because he is a mean character...a John Wayne of the wild west, so to speak...mad as a hatter and crazy as crazy goes. Exceptionally smart. The last time that the trapper came by, he, and he alone, managed to outwit the trapper,  therefore avoiding capture.
I am of the opinion that his elevator does not go all the way up to the top floor, because he does not seem to be wired correctly.
He sits on the wall and makes rude penile gestures, he picks all kinds of fruit, bites a piece off and then throws it on the ground, or throws it at you if you are near enough, he defecates on patios, teases the dogs, and one afternoon, you are not going to believe this, I saw him on my neighbour's rooftop pulling the antenna out of its support and dragging it across the roof! This was after the said neighbour had chased him away from their mango tree.
See what I mean.....he has no behaviour, and to top it off, he is one crazy dude.
Since Brownie came to live with me, he has been the thorn in my poor dog's side.....the bane of his existence.
I'm going to live - Thanks for asking.

Just returned from the vets and after a shot of painkillers and some tummy rubs and ear tickles from my dear vet, Brownie is on the path to recovery. He is on painkiller tablets for the next few days......his sprain should be better by then.
As an aside to the above

In an editorial I read recently, one Bajan was noted as saying that one of the things he would like to accomplish before he kicks the bucket is this...."To find a way to detect ripe fruit before monkeys do." Yes, it was included in his Bucket List!!


  1. And I thought I had problems with pigeons. I shall try not to complain in future. It's now a while since your post was written so I'm hoping that Brownie has recovered some more.

    1. GB, please don't get me started on the pigeons, especially the big maguffy ones, they're just plain awful.
      Brownie is coming along slowly..thanks for asking.

  2. And I thought I had a problem with slugs in my garden? I never dreamed someone would have a monkey problem!

    1. Hi Matron, so good to see you here...welcome!
      I do have a problem with slugs as well, but mostly those dreaded giant African snails that seem to eat everything.

  3. Missy said to tell Brownie she's glad he's OK and hopes those monkeys learn he's top dog. We only just discovered your blog and love it.

  4. Glad to see you Missy...I have passed on your sentiments and well wishes to Brownie...he sends you a tail wag and a happy yelp.
    As soon as he's back 100%, he will be after those darn monkeys again.
    Glad you are enjoying my blog.

  5. Teased by psycho monkeys?? Poor guy! My dogs have it easy with a couple of stupid squirrels. Would a water gun help deter them?

  6. Oh how I wish a water gun would work, but they're very vindictive. I made the mistake of squirting them with the hose before, and they came back and broke most of the tender branches on some young shrubs I had just planted.
    Farmers here on the island are up in arms. When they chase monkeys from their produce, the monkeys promptly return and pull everything up (carrots, sweet potatoes whatever), and then those crops are wasted.
    I can go on and on about my monkey exploits...but hey you have just given me an idea for a post...thanks.


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