Friday, 20 July 2012

Hate is a wasted emotion

Life deals us some harsh hands sometimes.
Are you a no-nonsense person?  Is it extremely difficult to put up with mediocre and inferior things and situations?   Do you sit and sulk, or do you shake the stuff off and move on? Grab the darn bull by the horns and wrestle it to the ground?

Do you have whiny people in your life that need constant attention?  Get rid of them. It’s too much work to maintain relationships like these anyway. If you are going to spend so much time investing in a relationship and you are the one who is the sole carrier, mentor, caretaker of the relationship, I’m shouting a T.D.Jakes at you…Let it GO!

Disrespectful, dishonest people I can’t stand at all.
Someone takes advantage of you, and you are wondering how to get back at them? Remember there is more than one way to skin a cat. Tit for tat don’t always work in sticky situations, neither does turn the other cheek.
Don’t sit and plot a scheme of revenge…..get on with your life, and life will take a turn in your favour further down the road.  The universe works in ebbs and flows…ups and downs…..if things don’t work out for you in a hurry, it just means it is not your turn yet…just hang on.
So when those “bad johns” in your life think they have overcome, let them think that…….remember that daylight can only run till night catch it.  Your turn will come…it always does……but patience is a virtue and you know what? Rome was not built in a day, so take it easy.
It don’t take big axe to cut down big tree. Remember David and Goliath?

I have always been a radical of sorts. I like fairness. I stand up for what I believe in. I always root for the underdog. I love when good overcomes evil. I like my surroundings a “certain way”.   I hate littering.     I hate the gift of gab with the sole purpose of pulling the wool over someone’s eyes.  I hate folks who prey on the vulnerable. Charlatans?  Hate them.  Thieves in the night?  Hate them too.  Folks who think they are the cat’s meow?  The pretenders and wannabes?  Double hate them.

Rude and lazy service people? Can’t stand them. Government employees who hardly work? Don’t get me started there. Lawyers? Biggest crooks on the planet with their own goobledygook language that can freak the ordinary layman.  Banks that pull your home out from under you quoting foreclosure?  Outlandish fees to operate accounts with them?  Plain old hatred for them too.  Doctors that play God?   Oh my oh my one of my biggest peeves. Multinational corporations and their insider trading tactics?  Boy do I hate that. 
That’s why the internet is my friend. I can be armed and protected with information that won’t be readily available otherwise.

How did the world get so corrupt and full of greedy people? We came into this world with NOTHING, and surely we take NOTHING out.  Why all the grabbing and robbing and looting, and want everything for myself attitude.  Me-ism at its height.  I hate it all.
What is for you, is for you….remember that.  You are not entitled to Suzie or Mary’s lot….only your own lot in life.
Don't let the ills of the world get you so far down that you want to give up hope...there is always, yes ALWAYS a light at the end of the tunnel.

Sorry for the rant, but as the old folks would say, "pick sense out of my nonsense".
This rant is flavoured with lots of Bajan sayings, but they are easily understood.

I have had so many calls and messages regarding this post, that I feel compelled to explain the post above.
Anyone who knows me well, knows without a doubt that I do not have the capability of hatred in any form.
The fact that people treat each other with scant regard and respect is so foreign to me. I am a loving person, and in that regard I love all beings, even those darn psycho monkeys. I try to see the good in all people. One friend even accuses me of  wearing rose coloured glasses, and thinking that people are nice always, and that they believe in the golden rule, but I digress......
What I should say is this, I do not hate the persons listed above in my post, just their actions. 
After all, hate is a wasted emotion!!
With alllllllllll my love ....V



  1. Wow. Who rattled your cage? Boy did they rattle it good and proper. It's not that I don't empathise with you. Nor do I disagree with you. Although my Dad did tell me never to hate anyone or anything. I don't think he ever did. I've tried never to either.

    The things I cannot tolerate are injustice and intolerance. Ironic really.

    Hmmm. I'm rambling.

    There's more to the post and this response than meets the eye.

    Doubtless all will eventually become clear.

    1. Here Yee Hear Yee,

      We the People of BIM, here by appoints The Blogger, “The Voice of The People”. Finally we have a SPEAKER of the House that will act on the behalf of the masses.

    2. V, I know you are not hating, I know you are only expressing wasted emotions!!! LOL

    3. GB, sometimes it's good to do an emotional catharsis every once in a while, and get everything off your chest. I don't really "hate" the folks quoted above, just their actions.
      The horror stories that I hear everyday are heartbreaking, especially from those folks that are honest and hardworking and are really feeling the effects of this economic crisis through no fault of their own.
      So yes, I don't "hate" anyone or anything, it really is just a wasted emotion.
      I can only continue to do my part to make the world a better place.

    4. Ratman, you know me well...I could never "hate" anything, but you already know the ills of our beloved BIM....makes me so sad.
      Being "The Voice of the People".......hmmmmmm......not sure about that title, but I will voice my concerns from time to time, without getting too caught up in the political landscape of this country.

  2. I apologise because re-reading my comment I gave the impression that you might be given to hatred. That was not my intention because your heading made it very clear where you were coming from. To be honest I think that I was rather taken aback by the post although, as I said, I both empathised and agreed with a lot of your comments, and I just rattled off a response too quickly. Which is odd because I usually take ages and lots of care offer my comments.

    I can see why you followed Secretly Skint. She too felt as you do on certain issues.

  3. GB, no need to apologise, at least you understand where I was coming from, some others did and some did not.
    To avoid confusion, I have posted an update.
    I loved Secretly Skint's blog, because she held certain policies in high regard and was so much like myself. I do miss her, and I hope she is okay.
    Thanks for chiming in.


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