Thursday, 12 July 2012

Something's up!

What did I tell you?  Something's up!!  Why did you not believe me?  Why did you not put your faith in The Virginous One when she spoke the last time?........
Yesterday was full of surprises................BIG surprises.  
Seems as if my Parliamentary representative wants or needs my vote, or rather the vote of the entire neighbourhood......
Can you guess yet??
My street was completely resurfaced in the space of one day...I still can't believe it.

Went out early to run some errands, and returned to find this........

 The heated asphalt had already been laid, and the smaller asphalt roller was hard at work.

Raw heated asphalt about to be compacted and smoothed

Yeah!!! Smooth black top at long last!!
Can you see the larger asphalt roller at the end of the street?

This has been a recurring dream of mine for MANY MANY years.
Early morning all the heavy equipment showed up, and started laying the blacktop asphalt.
A heated mess that became a street as smooth as a baby's bottom.........maybe safer to use another comparison don't you think? But you get the idea.....from a pothole-ridden horror to a thing of beauty, almost good enough for a smooth airplane landing or a vote.


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