Monday, 15 October 2012

A friendly visit

After the rainfall that we received, lots of plant volunteers showed up in my garden, along with tons of weeds as well.
I for one, don't like the idea of just dumping plants that may be worthwhile to others.
Many of my girlfriends sell plants at the various markets and plant festivals, so I usually alert them when I have spares to share.
Saturday afternoon, my girlfriend came by for a visit, and she was happy to take most of the babies that had emerged.
Mr. Brownie was none to pleased that things were being taken from his domain, so he kept a careful eye on the proceedings.

I am not sure what is going on, but just let me sit here in case mum needs me.

 What on earth is she doing?  Why is she taking stuff and it's okay?  Why do I have to stop barking at her?  She is robbing us can't you see? Not to mention she is wearing your favourite gardening shoes....

 On the hunt

 After a successful hunt, many new babies were found.  They will go to a good home where they will be nurtured until the right time, when they will venture out into the world and go to a new home to have babies of their own.
As for Brownie, he was happy to get a head rub and a tummy tickle from my girlfriend afterwards.....he was okay with that.


  1. Brownie is so funny. When CJ was staying a few years ago he started propagating some of my bushes for me and since then I've been doing some too. Now I have lots of bushes from the cuttings. It's really good that your youngsters don't go to waste.

  2. We will hopefully be doing some air layering of a few of my other plants this weekend.
    I also want to trim back some of the hybrid crotons, so those cuttings will be available as well.
    Lots of garden maintenance to work on after a rainy month.
    AND the biggest thrill of all.....grass cutting.


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