Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Same old same old

For months now, yes months, the repair of the old well in the neighbourhood has been under repairs.
When it rains, the water that accumulates can not be handled by the old well, and this has led to flooding.
Okay, enter the big wigs who finally decided that it was time to drill a new well especially after years of complaints from the neighbours.

The water flows from the ridge above ours then flows across our ridge making its way to the sea....it is all a downhill flow.
Big wigs decide to drill a new well right next to the old well which was not properly placed in the first place.
The water still by passes both wells and heads for the other side of the street (downhill) where it gushes across an open grassy lot... until some of it flows into a natural watercourse.
One would have figured that the new well would have been installed on the opposite side (downhill) of the street where the water rushes to, but noooooooo.......
For weeks we have had a "work crew" working on rectifying the problem.
Work has progressed, but at an alarmingly slow rate.  Many irate pedestrians and vehicle drivers have bombarded the local call-in radio programs complaining bitterly.
Most days the "crew" are all sitting comfortably, and lying too comfortably on a neighbour's wall, under a tree chatting merrily away, watching the traffic go by.
I have no idea what the problem is...but more than likely if asked, the natural response is that they're awaiting materials to complete the job.

The work crew
They show up on time everyday, and spend the day chilling out....can't blame them however...they are only following orders.

The drainage project that is taking months

Open grassy lot

The non functional well

What else can I say???
I'm sure it will all be completed before that impending date when elections are due.


  1. each in his own time hey? Sometimes the right way seems so simple and you wonder who gave the instructions....

    1. I just hope that when it is finally finished that it takes care of the flooding problem once and for all.

  2. Sometimes one really does wonder. This past year it seems half our town has been dug up and in some of the places I haven't got a clue what it is they're doing.

  3. You may have to become an investigator like me, and stop and ask the workmen what they're up to...they love to talk if approached the right way.
    I hope your town is soon back to its lovely state.

  4. That would drive me crazy! I'm used to the frenetic pace of northern Virginia/DC. It would bug me to see them sitting on their butt all day. I hope they get it fixed soon.

  5. Not only sitting on their butts all day long.......they are being paid too.
    It's crazy crazy crazy...I will never understand the rationale behind it all.

    1. I doubt there is any rationale Virginia. That's usually the problem!

  6. This reminds me of a case where the wife of one of the main contractors on this Island came across a road gang sitting on their shovels instead of working. She disciplined them all on the spot. When she got back and told her husband he smiled wryly and told here that they were not their employees but Council road workers.

  7. That is soooo funny, and could easily have been me.
    Sometimes I have to say something, and my daughter, if she is with me, usually pretends that she does not know me in those circumstances.


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