Friday, 5 October 2012

The Big Apple

Arriving safely back in NYC, I was immediately caught up in the fast paced lifestyle.
The plane landed, and as soon as the door opened, folks were rushing out and walking fast to get to wherever they were going.
Watching the "Speedy Gonzales" race past me, I reminded myself that I was on holiday, and slowed my pace down, after all, I was in no hurry to get to anywhere.
The inner Arrivals Hall  had this display......

The Big Apple

Welcome to New York

Going down the escalator to Baggage Claim, a lovely painting/collage display.
The photos don't do it was truly beautiful.

Almost like a Where's Waldo scene.
I'm back in NYC, and I've got two trains to catch to meet up with my friends downtown.....see you soon.


  1. What lovely displays. Even I managed to identify quite a few landmarks and 'familiar' things.

  2. I enjoyed "finding" familiar landmarks in the painting too. Every time I look gain, I "find" something else.


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