Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Lookee look!!

Once again, my garden is graced by its beauty...............

 One of my favourite orchids......

 ....blooms about four or five times a year

 ....pretty dependable don't you think?

 My newest acquisition.....triangle leaf ficus..

Yup......triangle leaf ficus and a dog named Brownie cleaning himself

Close up of the leaves....aren't they pretty?


  1. I'm not the greatest of orchid lovers but that's a splendid one. However I'm far more taken with the leaves and the pot they are in. Is it a stone pot or a ceramic one?

    1. It's a terra cotta plant pot that my triangle leaf ficus is in.
      I received it earlier this year as a birthday gift from my friend Patrick at my favourite plant nursery.

  2. I love other people's orchids. Mine always die. They just seem to be something I can't grow successfully, so guess who's jealous now.

    1. Missy, pleas don't be jealous...Here's my secret.....I take all the orchids out of their pots and secure them on my trees, and they survive for me that way. If I leave them in the pot, they all die for me too.


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