Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Virginia's going to Virginia!!

Please don't think for even one minute that I am vain..... that I must visit my name sake state.......noooo, I can't visit the US without paying a visit to my best girlfriend. She lives in Virginia, and so I am headed to see her and family.
Taking the bus too....that way I can take some photos on the way.
Traffic moved slowly before entering the tunnel, allowing me to take some downtown NYC photos.

Just before entering the tunnel......

After exiting the tunnel....wide open roads ahead

Claustrophobic driving

New Jersey Turnpike toll stop......you may read more here.

More toll stops...but EZ Pass allows us through in a second

Arrived safely .....a great trip on a nice bus, with a nice driver.
I will definitely be using this company again....great service, on-time arrival, and safe driving.

Waiting for my girlfriend to pick me up, this train passed by....
And then I heard my name being called excitedly........VIR-GIN-EEEEE-YAH!!!
It was so good to see her again......it was going to be a lovely weekend.


  1. I think that the last time I travelled on a long distance bus was between Liverpool and London - I wasn't even 20. I find the sight of those hugely tall buildings so close around me quite overpowering.

  2. Due to a horrific accident last year, the bus company that I usually use was shut down by the Ministry of Transport.
    After many google searches, I found the bus company that would take me where I wanted to go safely. I can recommend them highly.


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