Sunday, 7 October 2012

Homeward Bound

The morning of my departure dawned bright and sunny.
Having a 5.30am airport arrival time was no problem, since I am an early riser.
The usual stuff, checking in, weighing baggage, TSA officials shouting instructions, cold feet on the ground after removing shoes, being scanned, oh the hardships of travel these days....quite annoying really, but a necessary evil.
On boarding, I was happy to find the same flight crew that I had traveled to NY with from Barbados.
Captain Ken in control once again, I can sit back and relax...he did  a great job the first time around.

 Leaving JFK and taxiing down the runway

Passing our other "family" members

Testing those wing flaps....A-OK

Smooth liftoff.

Leaving it all behind.

Climbing higher and higher..........

.........Until we leveled out at 35,000 feet

Floating above the clouds once again.

Passed this island in the island chain on the way.
(May have been Guadeloupe, a French island)

This is a sight I will NEVER get tired of...the first glimpse of my island home (you need to be sitting on the left side of the plane in a window seat to capture the following views)

My heart ALWAYS skips a beat when I see my island down below.....then tears of happiness follow....maybe I'm emotional or patriotic, who cares?   I'm HAPPY when I see this view......

I am so thankful that I live on this island.

Cruising up the south coast

Many hotels hug the coastline

Lovely crystal blue water....pristine sandy beaches

Coming down slowly..........

Clear view of houses, means we are about to land.

Safe smooth touchdown to loads of cheers and clapping...Captain Ken had done it again

Back on familiar ground

Grantley Adams International Airport Arrivals area.

It's so good to be back home.


  1. I've been to NYC but never to Barbados. Your home is my dream vacation! Glad you're back safe and sound. :o)

  2. "Come and knock on my door......I'll be waiting for you....."
    Whenever your bags are packed and ready to visit, give me a will be welcome.

  3. Your island home looks just beautiful, Virginia. Like you, I will be heading home shortly myself, but I am a bit over the airports and flying bit. If only we could just click our ruby slippers and repeat "There's no place like home!"

  4. I am sure that your bow wows will be happy to have you home again...they must miss you (and you them) like crazy when you are away for long periods of time.
    If only we all had ruby slippers.....


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