Friday, 12 October 2012

Be careful what you wish for...

Had a call from a good friend yesterday evening.......
"We're supposed to get some bad weather tonight and tomorrow..."
"Wow, Thanks, I have not been following up on the weather like I should, I'll check it out..."

Now at this time of the year, we can't take much chances.  The month of October used to be the end of the hurricane season, but not any more.
The days have been so HOTT and steamy, that we all knew there had to be some weather knocking around waiting for us.
Secretly, I was hoping that we would have a little rainfall to cool the place off.
But not like this......the rain started from last night, and now today is rainy, rainy, I said, Be Careful What You Wish For.

I can barely see  the outline of the harbour in the distance.

Menacing rain clouds

It's very very windy...

 Both the palms in the garden and the potted ones in my "Palm Alley" are being manhandled by strong gusts of wind.

The Met Office had pronounced that the weather would mostly affect the north of the island......yes, I know what you are on earth could a tiny island of only 166  square miles, have weather predictions for specific areas....we wonder too, because it never plays out how they report it.

My property is bounded by a water course, a natural waterway that allows rainwater to flow and make its way seaward.  The rain has abated somewhat for now, so here are some photos.

We all know who is staying inside today.

He doesn't look too pleased about that either.
It's definitely a soup day....yes, a nice big pot of vegetable soup with lots of fresh herbs and some fluffy dumplings....yum yum.


  1. It is obviously a world-wide phenomenon believing that weather forecasters always get it wrong. It's not easy though when a friend 2 miles away on the other side of the peninsula separated by a ridge only 100 metres above sea level asks you to go for a walk when it's pouring with rain. However where she is it's a lovely day.

  2. Perfect description of how the weather affects our island.
    Actually, here on the island when both the rain is falling and the sun is shining in the same area, we say "the devil and his wife fighting for the coucou stick."
    We use a coucou stick (flat wooden spoon) to stir our local corn meal dish, which along with flying fish is our national dish.

  3. I don't put much faith into what the weather guessers say. But at least your garden is well watered!

  4. I absolutely love your description Tammy,....."weather guessers" is quite appropriate. Amazingly, any old timer will be able to give you an accurate weather forecast for a day, a week or more.


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