Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Virginia weekend

After all the hugging and cheek to cheek kissing, we two gals settled into a comfortable conversation like two old sisters sitting for a chat on a porch.
Before heading home, we made our way to the Fireside Grill, where we had a lovely dinner.
Fireside Grill is known for its "great tasting food, simply prepared using only the finest ingredients."
The items on the menu are grilled over wood which enhances the flavour of the food. Locally sourced, seasoned oak logs are used for this purpose.
The food was really good, but we were having so much fun, that I forgot to take a photo of the food, or the restaurant, hence a photo from their website.

Can you believe that we were having so much fun catching up, that we forgot to order dessert? 
We finally set off for home, still chattering and laughing on the way.
We pulled into the driveway, and before the garage doors could open, there was a frenzied barking and yelping from my dear girl Lola.

I call her Lola Boogirl, she is no bigger than two hands full of fluff.  Here she is, all excited and totally overjoyed to see me again.  She just would not keep still, and it took some time for her to eventually calm down.....what a welcome!!

(not like the welcome I received from Brownie when I returned home at all!)

Her favourite spot on top of the couch. She can survey several rooms from this lookout point.

We know who rules this roost, don't we??

Here she is overseeing the folding of the laundry.

My "other adorable daughter" heading into school...she was in some kind of hurry...I don't recall being in such a hurry to go to school.

GEICO Fredericksburg, VA office...seems they are Now Hiring...maybe that little gecko would like to have me on his staff.
Did you know that GEICO stands for Government Employee Insurance Co?
In 2012, GEICO was named one of the Best Places to Work in Virginia by Virginia Business.
My other girlfriend's husband works there.

My home away from home in Virginia

Situated in the woods, and near a river........serenity and restfulness enfolds peacefully quiet after the NOISE of NYC.  Check out this article here.
Look at the size of Miss Lola Boogirl...soooooo much to love.

 I hear that you're leaving already....why so short a visit?

I don't want you to go......

After such a short whirlwind weekend visit, it was time to head back to NYC.
Not only was Lola upset, but also my girlfriend, who thought I would have stayed longer so we could visit the sights of DC....maybe next time, since I have not visited DC for many years, and so much has changed since then.....yes, maybe next time.


  1. Lola Boogirl! I'm glad that you didn't name me! Imagine your Mum standing at the door calling you in for your dinner! But on the other hand I'm not small ball of fluff so perhaps..... Actually she is very like Misty, the family's pooch in New Zealand.

  2. Her real name is Lola, but she is so full of energy, that she never calms down after you call her by name...I think she takes the time to process LolaBoogirl far better.
    She is a bit like my Misty too (rest her soul).
    I'll bet that your Misty is another LolaBoogirl incognito.
    I'm not sure what name I would have come up with for you GB!!!


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