Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Two is company

Today, Wednesday,  The Carnival Victory has company in the long last.

The Celebrity Summit

making its way into the harbour

The Carnival Victory and The Celebrity Summit

It really gladdens my heart to see more than one cruise ship docked in the harbour once more.
Our tourist season runs from mid December until mid April, and I am hoping that many more ships will come a-calling before the month of December.


  1. Sitting at my desk at work I wish I was on one of those cruise ships - It's a rude shock being back at work after a holiday.
    To be serious - It must feel like a totally different place during the tourist season or does life just go on the same for most people.

  2. With the exception of the town being "littered" with tourists, life continues the same. I try not to have to run any errands in the city when the ships are visiting, since tourists amble along staring at everything, when I just want to move along quickly to conduct my business. It's nice sometimes to see things through their eyes, and when they stop and stare/take photos of everyday familiar sights, a thankfulness comes over me, and I am so glad that I live on this island, and can enjoy the beauty everyday.
    There are some fantastic cruise deals sometimes. So maybe one day you will find yourself cruising the Caribbean enjoying yourself....keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you.

  3. When the cruise ships come to Stornoway their occupants are immediately shipped off in coaches to see the sights so one rarely sees much of them in the town itself.

  4. That happens here as well....that's why the port taxis are up in arms with the island tours and the cruise line that books the tours.
    Our city is a five minute stroll from the dock....some tourists prefer to spend the day wandering around the city.


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