Thursday, 4 October 2012

Over too soon

My weekend in Virginia went by so quickly,  as my girlfriend said, "it was over before it even begun"...........
Time to head back to NYC.  This time I was traveling by air, and I had booked a morning flight in order to leave home with my girlfriend on her way to work.
She takes the train to work, and she uses the park and ride system.  The train arrives at 7.47am (yes, I checked) each morning.  Sometimes depending on whether she is early or running late, she will park at a different park and ride station. This morning we were early, so we used the Leeland Road station.

Here it comes...The Virginia Railway Express ....on time...7.47am

The Virginia Railway Express is a commuter rail service which operates in the morning and the evening only.
This bi-level train has a high seating capacity to accommodate the many commuters that travel to and from work in the DC area every day.
I enjoyed the ride to downtown DC, by passing many stations on the way.
We even passed Quantico, the large marine Base, and the Potomac river, and quite a bit of Virginia back country as well.
We disembarked at Alexandria.  From there I said a tearful goodbye to my dearest friend and headed to the Orange line armed with a MetroRail card to ride to Ronald Reagan Airport to catch my flight.
The"other" airline that I just don't seem to enjoy anymore was on-time, and we departed at 10.30am.

Pushing back from the gate......

Taxiing down the runway

"Flight attendant, please prepare for take off!"
Gathering speed, until  we were off the ground......leaving the Washington Monument behind...

...and into the clouds.

Enjoy the following shots from my flight as I headed back to NYC.

Floating high above the clouds.......

During the somewhat bumpy flight, the hostess (sorry Flight Attendant) came around (God bless her soul) with a large bottle of Crystal Geese Water in one hand and plastic glasses in the other hand offering water while trying to steady herself.  I think maybe 2 persons out of an entire plane load accepted.
Is it no wonder that this airline is sinking further down every day?  Thank goodness my seat did not come loose during my flight.


  1. You've made me wonder, Virginia, why the UK doesn't run double-deck trains. I understand (I never use commuter trains so have no first-hand experience) that many peak-hour trains are full to capacity and people have to stand for hours on some long-distance trains.

    I don't think the airline can be blamed for the bumpy sky-roads! The weather-gods just don't maintain them properly!

  2. The UK already has double-deck buses, so I see no harm in adding double-deck trains as well....I am sure the traveling public will appreciate this.
    Not blaming the airline for the bumpy sky-roads, just blaming them for the inferior service standard that they have sunk to.
    The online service rep was so RUDE to me, and all I asked was a simple question for clarification. I have taken my business elsewhere.


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