Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Well what do we have here??

What a's finally been taken care of......after all this time.
Earlier this year, new electricity poles were installed by the company.  The telephone company lines usually ride piggy-back on the electricity poles. When the electric company had finished their upgrades, the telephone lines were drooping, and we all thought the telephone company would soon come out and reconnect them properly.......why on earth would we think that??? We know better than that long have we lived on this island??
Suffice to say a long time has gone by..........then yesterday while I was outside gardening.......

This truck pulled up.....

.........and a nice guy jumped out and clambered up the pole and got to ladder needed!!!

.......I do admire such dedication for these dangerous jobs.

One must be fearless  and knowledgeable too.............not be afraid of heights, and have the ability to keep a cool head on a hot steamy day.

Where on earth do all those wires go??

Send me up that other tool.......

Back to work.........

All finished, and checking to make sure it's secure.
....efficiency at its best...hope he is entitled to a hazardous allowance.
Job well done!


  1. I haven't seen anyone climbing poles like that for years. I wonder if they still do in this country or whether they now use hydraulic lifts. You really do have to know what you are about when working with alive electricity wires around you!

  2. Yes, we have the hydraulic lifts and the extended ladder equipment, but I guess he felt more comfortable doing it his way. I only see guys climbing coconut trees this way anymore, so I was taken aback when he did it.

  3. I've never seen anyone climb up an electrical pole without a lift! What a brave guy!

  4. Yes a very brave guy...not everyone can accomplish this feat.

  5. Yes a very brave guy...not everyone can accomplish this feat.


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