Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Early in the morning

My friend GB, recently wrote of a view that he will never tire of seeing, well here is my view that I will NEVER tire of seeing.
The first thing I see when I open my door early in the morning.......

the moon about to go to sleep......but yet still bright in the sky.

The island about to wake up......

to another HOTT and steamy day.


  1. There is something very bizarre happening. I haven't seen your posts coming up on my dashboard and I just checked and there were none. However on my sidebar was your latest post??? So I clocked on your name in dashboard and they appeared. Bizarre.

    Anyway. There is something magical about the view we see when we open our curtains or door or window to face the day.

  2. Not sure what is causing the "non appearing" posts...bizarre indeed.
    This thought may be a bit morbid, but I have already told my friends/daughter that I would prefer to pass over while sitting enjoying the view from my patio, rather than in a horrific accident. This came to light one night after consuming almond nuts (which I was not aware that I was allergic to), I felt about to die, couldn't breathe, took some apple cider vinegar, and then sat on the patio and waited.....luckily for me, the ACV worked and my lungs cleared, and I was okay.


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