Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Brazen and Brownie AGAIN!!

Brazen has done it again!!!
Saturday afternoon, that freakingggg monkey and his mate (yes, he has a mate) had a tag team royal rumble going, and teased Brownie mercilessly by jumping from limb to limb in the Japanese fern tree, making poor Brownie run all around, and jump up and down barking in a frenzy, until alas, he fell on his left hind leg.
My daughter heard when he yelped out in excruciating pain.  I ran out to him where he laid on the grass not able to move.
Brazen's  mate ran off, but that freakkkkingggg monkey sat in the tree and regarded me with a look of, "There take that, you and your barking dog," on his face.
My gosh, Brownie had just started to get the hang of walking on his healed right hind leg again, and now this...
The other neighbours are complaining too.  They actually have it worse, because they have four dogs, so he teases them one after the other in a circle over and over again.

Brazen and mate running away.

They had already plundered poor Mama Sparrow Bird's nest.
Yes, they ate all the eggs and then threw it on the ground.
Look at all the work that went into building that nest, grass clippings, mango leaves, small tree limbs, feathers and bits of material. The time and patience and dedication that went into it is not lost however, I have placed it in another safer area, and I hope she finds it soon.

Did not want to post any photos of my poor boy in pain, but he will be okay. He has had some painkillers, and his leg has been bandaged in some reliable old time remedies to aid the healing of the sprain. 


  1. Surely there comes a point where they become a public nuisance and something can be done.

    1. Yes, we the neighbours will be contacting the trapper...we have had enough.

    2. I look forward to the post saying it is over!

  2. Being plagued by monkeys sounds soooo exotic! The worst we have in our garden are slugs and woodlice...

    1. Frances, plagued by these monkeys is far from being exotic.
      My immediate neighbours have left on a trip today, and Brazen will take over their patio as his private ensuite while they are away.
      I already have slugs, so you can send me your woodlice, and I will GLADLY pack Brazen up and send him to you along with his mate....please send address posthaste.


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