Monday, 26 November 2012

All Breeds Championship Dog Show 2012

Yesterday, Sunday, was a beautiful day, a beautiful day indeed, moreso because I attended The Barbados Kennel Club's third annual All Breeds Championship Dog Show held at Waterford Woods.
It was the first time that Mr.Paul Harding (UK) was going to be judging in Barbados, and I thought I would go along and extend a warm  dog-lover welcome to our shores.
He had the task of judging 15 breeds of dogs in  Championship, Utility, and Working groups.
Need I say here, that I was looking forward to a lovely day surrounded by man's best friends and dog lovers like myself, and it turned out to be one of the loveliest days ever.

Waterford Woods is home to The Barbados Kennel Club.

Waterford Woods
One of the last remaining indigenous wooded areas on the island

With old old trees that have weathered many storms...even the termites know they have a safe haven here

The Judges Table

Mr. Paul Harding (UK) the head judge

Trophies, cups and plaques to be won

The sponsor for the event - Roberts Manufacturing....locally produced dog and animal feed company

Crowds keeping cool under the tents
Food stall
Pet transportation was available

Let's get this party started.....

Red ribbon won!!!

Inspection table for the small breeds.

Best of Breed and Best Locally Bred won the red ribbon

Golden Retrievers

Labrador Retrievers

Irish Setters

Red Irish setter

"Bandit" the Beagle won first prize in his category
Much to the surprise of his owner..."I can't believe that "Bandit" won!  We're gonna have to take the judge to dinner!"
Obviously the name "Bandit" was not given lightly.

Rhodesian Ridgebacks

Japanese Akitas

French Bulldog

Japanese Shiba Inu

Miniature  Schnauzer

Let's have a look shall we........

Tibetan Terrier

Needless to say, I could not stay for the afternoon half, and therefore departed after the morning's judging was over.
I had to get home to give you know who his lunch.
He immediately knew that I had been out with other dogs. He gave me the once over, sniffing me thoroughly, and then decided that I was okay.  I guess he was too hungry to make a fuss.

Most of my dogs over the years have been small mixed breeds, but I do enjoy viewing pedigree dogs on show.  

You already know who is the star champion of my show....

 Brownie my Numero Uno


  1. I am glad Brownie got a red ribbon too! There were some lovely dogs. We used to have a golden retriever - they have the nicest nature! We cant have dogs where we are now :(

  2. Brownie has his own red ribbon. Golden Retrievers are the sweetest dogs, so humane.
    Sorry that you can't have dogs where you are now...I would have to move!!!

  3. That's quiet a show and there are breeds there I have not come across before. It never ceases to amaze me when I see the dog show on the Isle of Lewis in Scotland just how many dogs are entered and go there. I even managed to have a Jack Russell pee on my leg whilst wandering around on one occasion. He did it from behind so I didn't even see it coming. They've never been a favourite of mine so perhaps he sensed that. A friend has one that tries to do that all the time when I arrive - they are even less of a favourite now!

  4. Oh GB, Jack Russells are notoriously cheeky...but sweet....sorry I'm laughing at your peed on leg....and from behind no less...oh the laughter...
    My last clan of six bow wows were a Jack Russell mix, and they always had some trick up their sleeve (paws) that had me in stitches all the time....never a dull moment.
    They are also very territorial, so maybe they're just staking claim to you as that's how they mark their territory.


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