Thursday, 15 November 2012

Back to life.....

Back to reality.......back to the here and now......

I awoke extremely early this morning, well, earlier than usual.  As I lay there, in the very early morning hours, a sense of well-being came over me.  I felt so much better.
I sat up in bed and my head no longer felt like it was wobbling around on a felt like...well, my old head again.
As I got out of bed, I heard a familiar sound in the street. "Gone clear!!"  The garbage guys were already up and about.  I had managed to put the garbage out last night, so it was all good...."Gone clear!!"
Opening up the patio door in the darkness, Brownie was already up as well.  After his morning tummy rub, he was off to peruse the property for any "intruders" that may have taken up residence during the night.
As I stood at the door awaiting his return, my nose was accosted by the smell of the wet dew.....WHAT!!!!  I could smell the wet dew on the grass again.  My nose was working again.
Then a wave of hunger hit me, and I was craving fried plantain....that would have been great if I had any plantain in the house.
Note to self: After the flu, have plantains in the house that can be fried.
Brownie came bounding back down the side path, and immediately threw himself against my legs for the proverbial body snuggle. He was happy I was up and about. Don't know how he knew I was feeling better enough for a body snuggle, which consist of lying across my feet, whereby I am unable to move,  just waiting to be petted all over.
Maybe it was my scent, maybe I had a "better" scent....sounds corny but I know you catch my drift.
I'm not a breakfast person, but I needed to eat something now that the fried plantain had enveloped me.  Almond milk and cereal would have to do.
Today, I won't overdo...but there's definitely some laundry and cleaning and some gardening on the agenda.
Since dear daughter is traveling today, I may even have an airport run that I know nothing about as yet.
So I'm off to get my life back in order....back to life......back to reality......back to the here and now.
Thanks to everyone who stuck with me through my illness...I really appreciate all your kind words for my speedy recovery.


  1. so glad you are feeling better... fried plantain sounds good.

  2. Thanks....maybe today I will get to the supermarket to pick up some plantains finally.

  3. It's good that dew on the grass was the first thing you smelt - could have been worse with the garbage trucks in the area. Glad you are on the mend.

  4. Hooray. And your sense of smell is back quickly and it sounds like your taste buds are drooling as well - or whatever taste buds do...
    Just don't overdo it, please.

  5. I can't overdo CJ....still have not had the chance to get out for those elusive plantains as yet.
    I get a burst of energy and I get some work done, then I have to rest until another burst of energy comes along. I guess it will continue like this until the remnants of the dreaded bug departs in peace....quite annoying actually. I'm a workhorse, and I love to speed along getting things done.

  6. I'm glad that you are up and about again with full olfactory functions. I have a couple of plantains in the bowl here if you are able to pop over for breakfast. As CJ said please don't overdo things. I suspect that in a funny sort of way one does have a 'better scent' to a dog when one is well than when one is ill.

    1. Only were nearby, I would take you up on that plantain offer.
      I still have not made it out of the house to buy any as yet...maybe today.
      Now it's Brownie that needs a "better scent"...he needs a B-A-T-H....please keep it a secret...he's very smart that one.


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