Friday, 9 November 2012

Boy it's HOTT!!

The days continue to be HOTT, even though the northern breezes that cool our island at this time of the year are quite evident. 
The path of the sun has changed, and therefore the patio is heated by 9am, so Brownie spends the day inside the house.
Obviously, the fans have been working non-stop. In order to keep them in tip top shape, I cleaned them all.
The floor fan, aka Brownie's fan was first on the agenda....

 "The sum of all its parts" kept playing in my mind, so I made sure I stored all the screws and knobs safely......

 ....until it was time to put it back together for you know who

 He was extremely happy when I turned it back on for him.....he loves to feel the breeze blowing through his hair and I love to see his ears blowing in the breeze.

 Ain't able to do a darn thing but lie here and....

...enjoy the cool breeze from this floor fan.

AAAAHHHHHH  this is so much tummy is cooooool  now...Thanks Mum!!


  1. Soooo funny. I've never lived anywhere that was consistently hot throughout the year and even living as I do in theoretical perpetual summers temperatures are rarely into the 30s for very long.

  2. It's beginning to cool off just a tad because of the strong breezes from the north that come our way at this time of the year.
    My heat is also being generated from that other phenomenon that women of a certain age are privy to.

  3. I'm always amazed at how much dirt accumulates on our fans. It seems they act as air-filters as well.

    GB and I suffer from hot flushes as well (too much information???)- I put it down to the medication I don't know what GB blames!

  4. So we're all in the same boat then???
    Even though the heat from the weather drives me crazy, I still prefer the heat to the cold.
    You're right CJ, the fans do seem to work like filters as well.


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