Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Life goes on.....

Every day I'm feeling stronger and my body is getting back to its "old" self.
Finally had enough strength to leave home for a trip to the supermarket for those elusive plantains....about time!!

Fried plantain, ox-tail stew and roasted veggies.

You know what they say about when the cat's away....here is a good example. The chickens belonging to someone in the village downhill from mine has taken it into their heads that they should visit my garden.  Drove poor Brownie crazy since the garden gate was closed, and he could not chase them. They were no longer seeing me out and about in the garden, so they had a party.

Thing is, they sit on the back wall and keep a whole "bundle of noise" as if they live here.
We are not allowed to have  animals of this sort in our neighbourhood, and thank goodness my neighbours know they are not mine!

Look at this one strolling quite nonchalantly in the garden...

Mr. Brownie is still in charge
I thought this made a cute photo of him sitting with his front paws hanging off the kitchen step

Mr.Mousy is still under attack
A piece of his tail is now off

My ladies at The View are still a staple of my tv viewing.
Oh yes, remember that "long lost" usb cable for my phone that I had ordered....it finally showed up.  I guess I have a spare one now.

All my bed linens have been washed and sanitized, and my pillows have also been laundered and dried, and then sunned for another three days for good measure.
I don't want any remnants of that dreaded flu bug remaining inside the house.
Be gone you darn flu....don't come back here no more, no more, no more!!!!


  1. Hooray - and may that darned bug be gone for ever! Fancy being able to put your pillows out in the sun - such an exotic idea as we watch the rain come down over here.

    Your chickens have different shaped tails to the ones we usually have in England. They look like Turkey tails. Quite sweet - but then they aren't shouting their heads off in MY garden.

  2. So much I have to be thankful for, and thank you for reminding me how lucky I am to have abundant sunshine, that I can carry out mundane chores such as sunning my pillows. Wish I could send a bottle of sunshine your way....maybe one of these days.
    You can also have the "sweet turkey tailed chickens" as well. As soon as I saw them cruising across the wall this morning, I let Brownie out...their LOUD squawks told me they don't like being startled.

  3. You really do have enough wildlife around to make gardening quite hard work. The amount of scratching around chickens can do is amazing.

  4. The chickens have moved on for now. I now open the back gate early for Brownie to patrol the garden, so they finally got the memo.
    The chickens actually belong to someone in the neighbourhood downhill from mine, but they seem to be a "pack" of escaped renegades traipsing all over the neighbourhood keeping a big bundle of noise.


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