Thursday, 1 November 2012

...And then there were three

Today, I threw open my door to welcome the day and look what I saw.....
Three ships had come a-calling........

The Queen Victoria,  The Silver Whisper and the Amadea long last the Bridgetown Cruise Terminal was finally looking like a true port-of-call again.
You may read more about the Queen Victoria here, the Silver Whisper here, and the Amadea here.


  1. One, two, three... Keep counting! ;) You've got quite a veiw there.

  2. Thank you, it is a lovely view...which I enjoy immensely.....most of my friends do too.
    I hope that soon there will be five to seven ships a day visiting the port like before...although in these harsh economic times, I should be thankful that we do have some tourists who are still willing to travel to visit the island.

  3. We had the Queen Victoria here in Napier. I think it was on her maiden round the world cruise. She's BIG.

  4. Yes, she is a BIG girl...beautiful too.
    Wow, a round the world cruise must have cost a pretty penny.


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