Sunday, 25 November 2012

Saturday on the road again

Yesterday was my first Saturday back on the road since that dreadful flu bug.
There was an Auction Sale in the north of the island, and since I happen to like auctions, I decided to take a spin up north and get some fresh country air, especially since the remnants of the fire were still smoldering, and the air around my home was smoky.
So off I went driving along the coast towards the north.
Now every auctioneer has their own following, but I like them all, makes no difference to me. I love the atmosphere, doesn't matter who is conducting the auction. There is always lots to see and admire, and you get the chance to meet up with friends you don't normally see on an everyday basis.
The auction was at a seaside apartment building, and all the contents were being auctioned off.
Wandered around a while and mingled with some of my auction buddies who were out for the mornings' events as well.
I didn't see anything that really grabbed my interest, since I've got more than enough household items to last me until I am no more.
Folks were jostling and bidding for everything from kitchen appliances, beds, furniture, phones, hairdryers, safes, to garden implements.  It's so funny for me to see folks get in the bidding frenzy and end up paying more for the item than the cost of a new one in the store. Ed the auctioneer likes it too. I stayed around for another hour, and then left with nothing.
Driving back up the coast, I was quite thirsty, but then who did I spy?  Yes, my new friend John, the coconut vendor, so I pulled over.
Today my coconut was $2.00, and it was a big coconut filled to capacity with refreshing coconut water.  I was drinking and drinking, and drinking, and I thought I would never get to the end....gosh it was so good and it really quenched my thirst.
John remembered that I liked the coconut jelly inside, so he offered to cut my coconut in half to take home with me.  He also gave me another cut coconut with lots of jelly inside. Thank you John!!
Came on home to make lunch for me and you know who, and again, the fried plantain urge was there, so I made some to quell my desire (sounds sexual doesn't it?)

After a scrumptious lunch of herbed potatoes, fried plantain, turkey stew, and a fresh salad, it was time for dessert.

Best dessert ever.....fresh coconut jelly.

Of course after a tummy-filling lunch, it was time for an afternoon siesta done.


  1. Replies
    1. Isn't it good??? Melts in your mouth goodness.

  2. Oh! I have never been to an auction - I am so scared I would reach up to scratch my nose and end up buying something hideous! So glad you are feeling better - it must be the plantain!

    1. The auctions here are a curious blend of chatter and trying to adhere to the auction rules. Many folks do have their hands getting in the way during the bidding wars, but when asked, they always say..."Me, no I was not bidding!!"
      Yes, that plantain did the trick...I'm all better again.

  3. Many years ago when I went to my first ever auction to see what it was like I really did end up buying something by accident: a bed!

    1. Now how on earth did that happen? Did you resell the bed at the auction or did you take it home??? Smile.


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