Monday, 12 November 2012

Sick as a dog

Would you believe it, I'm not feeling well.
I have finally caught hold of my daughter's flu bug after fighting it off for a week.
I feel so miserable, since I'm not accustomed to being ill.
I forgot what it was like to have runny nose, headaches, cold sweats and aches and pains all over my body.
What a miserable feeling....I am  "sick as a dog" as we say here.

Saturday started out well.  I decided to forego my usual Saturday jaunt and stay at home and clean out the cellar.  BIG mistake.
Started the clean up job without proper preparation, and ended up in dust with no mask, and hair filled with cobwebs.
I was hoping to find the big frog that has been living under there, but there was no sign of him.
By afternoon time, I was beginning to feel the first effects of a scratchy throat and painful eyes.
Had a much needed shower and headed to bed, and that's where I've been all weekend.
Anytime I'm in bed after 5.30am, I am sick, and boy was I sick....and miserable.
I didn't even want Brownie to come near me, as I was fearful he would come down with my malady too. Poor fellow could not comprehend my anti-social behaviour towards him....I'll make it up to him though.
I'm not one for all the pharmaceuticals and prescription medicines, so I mixed a good old brew of strong coffee, with more than enough shots of rum, took some painkillers, rubbed the bottom of my feet with a heated liniment made from menthol (Caribe Balsam), and put some socks on and a scarf on my head, and wrapped myself up like a cocoon to sweat the flu out of my system. It's working...I feel much better already....the aches have subsided.
Could not be holed up in bed all day without reading a good book by my favourite author, Stephen King, and also catching up with my blog reading.


 Cockspur Old Gold rum, Nescafe coffee, Panadol Extra Strength painkillers, Caribe Balsam (like Bengues Balsam)

 I'm sure I will be feeling 100% better soon.


  1. Your cold isn't contagious to Brownie so give him a big hug and snuggle. :o) When I have miserable colds I rub a menthol salve on my feet, too. I've never tried rum as a cure, though. It would be much tastier than cough syrup!

    1. He has been hanging out in my room more, and I have been giving him many head rubs.
      The rum does not work by itself. It must be used in a cup of strong black coffee with lime, and taken with painkillers (or multisymptom tablets). Wrap up immediately and sweat it out. If I had done this on Saturday, when I first felt ill, it would not have got me this bad.

  2. Just read this and feel for you Virginia. There are few things more miserable making. It's 13 years or so since I last had proper 'flu and I hope the jabs will keep me from ever having it again. I hope you are well and up and around quickly.

    1. Thanks GB, I'm am beginning to feel much better. I have not had the flu in ages, and that's why I'm so miserable.

  3. I was trying to work out why it says my comment was made at 1123. Perhaps your blog is on California time. It's 0823 Tuesday with me. 1523 Monday with you. I'll never understand Blogger.

    1. I'll check out the time thing and see if I can figure out what's going on.

  4. Sending some sympathy your way... from a safe distance ;)

    1. Thanks Monica....I have cancelled all visits from my friends until I'm feeling better are a very safe distance


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