Thursday, 1 November 2012

Scaly-naped Pigeons

I have been meaning to post about these birds for quite some time now.....and now is as good a time as any.
 All the while I referred to them as "wild crows", but in actual fact they are pigeons, Scaly-naped pigeons (Patagioenas squamosa).
Larger and darker than a regular pigeon, they are slate grey, with scaly-patterned feathers in the neck/nape area, maroon legs and head, and are about 14-16 inches in length.
They live in the trees that surround a limestone quarry that is situated behind my property.
Amazingly, they only come into my garden to partake of the red seeds of the MacArthur palms, when they are ripe.  As soon as the seeds begin to redden, they come by everyday and check on their readiness for consumption. Keeping watch is an all day event.

He's in there somewhere

Tempting palm seeds ..not quite ripe enough yet

Keeping a close eye on his seeds

A very very close eye

Can you see the Gray Kingbird (Tyrannus dominicensis) keeping an eye on those seeds as well?
But look who's keeping an eye on him above!

That Kingbird had better get to stepping...these are my seeds, I've been watching them for a week now.


Seeds are being guarded conscientiously from every angle.

Whenever I get too close, he disappears into the thick palm foliage.

Hope it's not much longer....I'm hungry.
Here is a link for more info on the Scaly-naped pigeon.


  1. They're good at hiding, it seems ;)

  2. Yes, they're very shy....unlike the regular bombastic pigeons which make me swear at their dirty habits....they defacate anywhere, especially my freshly cleaned walkway.

  3. I love the way you tell stories with your pictures.

  4. Thanks GB. It's a natural trait...I love story telling, but the good kind.


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