Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Still hanging on......

I'm still here hanging on.......hanging on tight too.
It's so hard to be doing nothing all day.
Thanks for all the blog comments, calls, texts and threats, yes, I said threats.  I have some friends who know me so well, that they know I would try to do my usual days work, even though not able.
It's an awful dirty flu that is circulating on the island right now.  Accompanied with serious phlegm and diarrhea of which I've had neither....thank goodness.  Doctors are overwhelmed at the severity of this particular strain. Some folks have had it for three weeks on end......WHAT!!!!
One friend insisted I drink lemongrass tea, so I have been doing that, and to be honest it seems to have helped. 
Food, on the other hand, which I tried to eat today, has absolutely no taste.

My days have been made up of bed rest, sleeping, reading, surfing etc.
I'm actually in bed writing this post.....my first post from my laptop.  I have never used my laptop for blogging, I don't know why.......it has always been my desktop up to now.  I guess I'm breaking the rules here.

My loyal canine friend, comes into my room about once every hour to check on me, sometimes staying and keeping my company for a while.

Keeping Mummy company while she's not feeling well.

She doesn't want me too close to her, so I'll snuggle with her slippers.
She's asleep again, so I shall sleep too.

Awww, she's awake again......time to stretch and see if she gets up this time around.


  1. I'm glad you are feeling better and well enough to blog. I lost my taste when I had 'flu in '65 and it took a while to recover. I lost it again in 1999 and it's never fully recovered.

    I wonder if, like me, you will eventually just end up with a laptop - so much easier.

    PS When he gets older Brownie might not thank you for some of those pictures!

    1. Thanks GB, with each day I'm getting stronger. I hope that my taste comes back soon, because I've got my upcoming Christmas cooking/baking to look forward to.
      With two laptops and a desktop, I always feel "safer" with my desktop, don't know why. I enjoyed posting from the laptop so I will do it again...smile.
      As for Mr. Brownie, I'm sure he will forgive me for exposing him online.
      I think I fixed the time in Blogger.

  2. Hope you're feeling better soon. Flu is not to be taken lightly. I'm glad you're resting, but then you probably don't have much choice at the moment. Luckily you have such an entertaining nurse. He must wonder why Mum doesn't get up and play with him.

    1. Thanks, I'm feeling better with each day...actually made it out to the mailbox yesterday.
      Had a game of tug of war with Brownie and his rope toy this morning. My strength is being recharged slowly but surely.

  3. do take care, sometimes rest is really the very best medicine. I do like lemongrass tea as well though, and it cant hurt.

    1. Yes, rest surely does make a difference.
      I'm now alternating between lemongrass tea and ginger tea, and they are both helping me to feel better.
      Amazing, how as we get older, we take so much longer to heal....smile.

  4. Hope you continue to get better each day. Doing nothing for a few days probably won't do you any harm. You can always lie back and dream about doing the ironing and cleaning the inside of the oven... I'm sure that will help you enjoy doing nothing.

    1. Thanks CJ, I am feeling much better today. I've already been bedridden for four days now, and I am beginning to feel like a lazy bum.
      Was up and about this morning...just finished cooking Brownie's lunch.
      I'll tell you a secret...I HATE ironing...love washing and cleaning, but NOT ironing. I actually only buy garments that do not require ironing...smile.

  5. Sorry to hear you haven't been well. Hope you have a speedy recovery. Aren't our animals the best company when you are under the weather. Brownie is obviously being very attentive.

    1. Yes Marisa, Brownie has been very attentive during my sickness. He has also been the best company. Our animals are surely the best when we are not the best.


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