Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Off we go again....

Being the daughter of an old nurse, I knew that Brownie's foot was not coming along as well as it should be after this amount of time. Therefore I decided to pay another visit to the vets.

Honestly, my foot is so much better........I'd really prefer to stay here

Even though the limp was not as pronounced as before, I still believed that he should have been placing his foot on the ground by now, but not with any pressure....however, he continued to keep it lifted out of harm's way.

On our way to visit the vet, we had to make a stop.....

Brownie is now getting accustomed to traveling in a vehicle, so he was looking just a tad bit uneasy. He did enjoy looking out the window at everything that passed by.
There was hardly any traffic on the road, so we arrived quite quickly.

After a thorough examination by both vets, it was proclaimed that he would need to be on half dosage of the painkillers for a few more days.  The foot was healing slowly.
Brownie liked being surrounded by everyone, including the admin staff and also some friendly summer interns......he was lapping it all up.
The head rubs, and the "Brownie!"  salutations were just his cup of tea.
Then the head vet trimmed his nails....pedicure perfection...he was in heaven.
It's a good thing we visited today too, since he is leaving on holiday tomorrow to travel to Devon and other lovely parts of England for a few weeks....lucky him.

Home again, home again, jiggety jog........


  1. I'm glad that Brownie is making progress even if rather slowly. He's a lucky fellow to have such a guardian.

  2. Thanks GB, he is getting there, all be it slowly. You know how it is with older folk, things take longer to heal, even though we want to do all kinds of stuff like when we were younger.
    Most of my friends tease me about the care I bestow on my dogs. One even announced once that he wanted to come back as one of my pampered pooches....the nerve!!


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