Thursday, 26 July 2012

What's the deal???

For just over a week now, this guy has been greeting me every time I go out to use Beast.

Lizard on rear side view mirror
Barbados anole (Anolis extremus)

Why oh why would he choose to chill out here?  An entire garden to run around in, and he chooses here.
I have no idea what he wants.  I've shooed him so many times before I drive off, so he doesn't get hurt. However, every time I return home, within minutes he's settled himself back in the same position.
Maybe he wants to hitch a ride somewhere when I'm leaving...but how would he know where I'm off to?  Sometimes even I don't know which direction I'm headed.....yeah I'm like that.....especially if it's a nice sunny day and I want to be outdoors.
I think he may be molting.....since his skin looks rough and calloused from his head to middle torso. His tail section looks like an extra piece of droopy skin hanging way off.
The reality of it all, is that he is just playing it safe. This may be the safest place for him to molt, away from the garden and away from those other dragon-looking lizards, Guyana Kentropyx borckiana which are larger. Since these "Guyanese lizards" as I non-affectionately refer to them arrived on the island (most probably on cargo from Guyana), our native anole lizard population has dwindled.
Our green anoles seem to be headed for extinction. So I'm happy that he has chosen Beast to molt happily away on.
But then again, I think he wants to check himself out in the mirror while he's doing it.....
Is he a pervert or just a plain old vain guy..........hmmmm.


  1. The Warren Beatty of the Lizard Community!

  2. Well, well, well. I've now learned a bit about lizard life on your isle and a bit about Warren Beatty too. I knew nothing t all about him and I didn't know that Shirley MacLaine was his sister. So I've been edificated today!

  3. GB, glad to know that crazy Mark was instrumental on your educational path.
    Haven't seen Mr.Lizard today, so I guess he's all new again and returned to the garden...where I suspect all the ladies will be after him with his new dapper look.


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