Sunday, 17 March 2013

Another lovely Saturday

My Alma Mater held a flea market on its grounds yesterday to raise funds.
Being a past Head Girl, it's hard for me not to support their efforts, and so I set off to enjoy the day wandering around the stalls and seeing old school mates.

The tennis courts of my favourite places on the school grounds.

Where many a match was played (and won)

Naturally my favourite stalls were the ones selling plants

I had done some laundry before I left home, which included dear Mousy, who, poor thing is on his last legs.

Therefore I came away from the flea market with this little fellow.

He's not Brazen Monkey, but I'm sure Brownie will "take care of him"
Arriving back at home, I walked into the Better Homes Test Kitchen....dear daughter was at it again.

Chicken meatballs stuffed  with pepper jack cheese, accompanied by a big helping of spaghetti

As I said, a lovely day....


  1. Ha ha... that monkey won't last long with ruthless Mr Brown. Hopefully Brazen will see what he's in for and leave town.

    1. Brownie took to that little monkey fellow in the twinkling of an eye. He's been bitten up quite a bit so far.

  2. A flea market and then my ultimate sort of comfort food! Wonderful!

    1. It really was a nice day.....and you know how great meatballs taste on the day after...yum yum.


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