Sunday, 24 March 2013

What a week it has been

This last week was not the best it could have been at all.
We are still rain-less, and still under water restrictions.

 This does not mean that I don't catch a watering can full of water to quench the thirst of my newly planted hedge. We are told not to use hoses to water plants and wash cars, and this I'm adhering to.

 We are bombarded with Public Service Announcements on water restrictions, but we don't have a water patrol here, maybe we should.My neighbour seems to ignore these announcements and still waters his lawn.....mine on the other hand is a patch of brown crispy stuff.

I spent the week knee-deep in spring cleaning the house. Cleaning windows and changing curtains and airing cushions/mattresses and a good scrub down on the inside worked wonders. Don't get me wrong, my house is usually clean, but I love a good spring cleaning.

Brownie wanted to help out like the little guy above, but he realised early that it was better to stay out of the way of the Mad Woman on a Cleaning high.

When it was time to work on the outside in the garden, (the weeds in the brown patch still groweth) the plug on my outdoor extension cord went bum, so I had to have it replaced by a dear friend.....thanks goodness for good friends.

Tuesday morning my phone rang quite early, and it was another neighbour asking for help.  Some wreckless driver had just ran over a small dog right outside her doorstep, and its leg appeared broken. Gave her the number for the vet's ambulance service, and they went by quickly and took the dog for care, however when I checked later in the day, it didn't make it...too much trauma. Why are folks so callous? The driver did not even stop after he ran over the poor dog. It made me quite sad.

I love my music passionately, so while spring cleaning, my "music baby" was keeping me company as I worked.  When my  Lionel Richie cd started playing  all crazily by jumping all over the songs, I tried another six cds and they all played the same way, so I knew my "music baby" was sick and needed a replacement cd eye good friend to the rescue again.

Even though I was out with my girlfriend yesterday on our Saturday jaunt, the day was marred by bad news.
First we visited  some friends, the husband is in the third stage of Alzheimers and the poor wife is beside herself trying to care for him.....time for him to be placed in an elderly hospice...not sure she can handle this transition.
More sad news came via a telephone call later in the day, a friend's cousin had lost her house and everything in a fire. She barely managed to escape with her two month old child.  My heart went out to this young mum who now has nothing.  I immediately liaised with some other friends to get some necessary items over to her.
Makes one stop to think, doesn't it.  Here I was cleaning my home, while someone else had just lost their home.
"There but for the grace of God, go I." John Bradford


  1. A reminder to be thankful for one's home even on the days which may not be "the best"... And for the support of friends when needed.

    1. My sentiments exactly.... we have so much to be thankful for.
      My motto has always been that "we are all here on this earth to help each other."

  2. What a disaster for your friend's cousin. At the end of the day, life is by far the more important thing so one has to be thankful she and her child are safe. But it must be hard for her to think that way.

    1. I'm glad that both she and child escaped safely.
      The parliamentary representative in her area has come to her aid, and has arranged for her to have a government house. She should receive the keys today. This is great news.

  3. P.S. If I send you some snow to put on your brown lawn will you come and do my spring cleaning, please!

    1. I'm willing to accept melted snow for my brown lawn.
      If the spring cleaning can be arranged for summertime, we may have a deal.

  4. I'm glad the young mother and her baby escaped! Stuff can be replaced, lives can't. I can't believe you're having water restrictions while living on an island! I thought it rained often there.

    1. We have dry seasons here which can sometimes run into a full-fledged drought like what we're having now.
      We usually have rain showers at the end of March and into April, but no sign of the rain as yet.


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