Tuesday, 19 March 2013


On Thursday last week, I called the gas company to order a large cylinder of natural gas.  Ours usually lasts for six or seven months, and since the current one in use was installed in September last year, it was time to order before we ran out, especially with all the cooking and baking that daughter dear has been doing recently.
Contacted the company to place the order, and was informed that they needed to come by and collect my empty bottle the following day, and then bring a full bottle to me on Monday (yesterday), which is my delivery week day.
This was a strange request, since the empty bottle is usually collected at the time of delivery. I therefore queried why, and was told that the company was short of bottles, so this system was in place until things were back to normal. No problem.
The truck arrived and the guy took my empty cylinder away. I was given no documentation nor did I sign any documents for the receipt of my empty cylinder. I found this quite strange.
 Empty cylinder space on the right

I was busy for the remainder of the day, so I forgot about it.

Yesterday morning, I placed a call to the company to check on my delivery and also to ask how it was that I had nothing in my possession that stated that my cylinder had been picked up to be filled.
Well who tell me to do dat?
The employee that took my call was "rudely polite" at my query. I know you understand what I'm trying to say here.
She answered my query by informing me that "they had all the documentation May-yammm", that "they knew they had my cylinder May-yammm", and that "they knew that my delivery was scheduled for today...May-yammm."
The tone and condescending manner that came across the phone line resounded in my ears, and I guess she figured that if she added "May-yammm" at the end of everything that she said, that it was okay.
Heck she was rudely polite. I can't complain because she was polite according to the book, but I was not impressed.
 Delivery truck with pleasant delivery guys

Thankfully the service guy who makes the delivery and completes the installation is a gem and a well-mannered chap. He certainly made up for her behaviour. Service at its best.

New and full cylinder on the right

I now have a full cylinder on standby, and my daughter can cook and bake to her heart's delight for the next six months with no interruptions.


  1. Well there's something for me to be thankful about... I've never had to deal with any gas bottles at all. I just pay my rent and my electricity bill and that's it!

  2. There is natural gas piped to some houses in the area, but the service is not available in our street.
    We have been using the 100lb cylinders for many years, after upgrading from the 20lb bottles which can be purchased at any gas station.
    I take it that you have an electric range Monica?

    1. Yes. In my whole life I think I only once saw a gas stove in Sweden and that was over fifty years ago. Checking Swedish Wikipedia, gas is still used in a few places - primarily certain areas of our three biggest towns - but nowhere I've ever lived. Electric stoves is the standard. I wouldn't know how to handle a gas one!

    2. Lots of folks are moving away from the electric ranges here, since electricity costs are horrendous....gas is cheaper.
      However, there are ranges that operate on both gas and electricity, and they are styled nicely to fit in with the modern look.

  3. We still have the bottles from the gas station and we pick it up ourselves, but a bottle lasts for ages.

  4. I remember when we had the small bottles, they lasted about 6-8 weeks. My mum always did lots of cooking and baking back then.

  5. Gosh. In Scotland my cooking stove is gas and I have a gas mock coal fire in the living room too in addition to the oil-fired central heating. So I have 5 40kg gas bottles on the go at any one time. I've never had any paperwork (apart from the invoice). This all stems from the days when electricity power cuts were common and, in any case, I much prefer cooking by gas.

  6. It's all a matter of preference I suppose...like you I prefer to cook by gas. I have friends who are excellent cooks and chefs extraordinaire who prefer an electric range.....to each his own.


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