Friday, 29 March 2013

Good Friday coincidence

Good Friday.  A day of solemnity. A holiday here. No shops or stores are open. Throngs of worshippers headed off to church, all dressed in black and white, as somber as possible.  A day to commemorate the crucifixion of Christ. A quiet reverent day. Beaches practically deserted since it is not a good thing to go to the beach today.
There are many Good Friday traditions here on the island. Going to the beach today is bad luck. There have been instances of persons drowning over the years. Allegedly the sea claims a sacrifice on Good Friday. 
Fish sales at the markets and supermarkets have been steady for the Lenten season, but most households will definitely want to have fish on the menu's tradition.
Lunch today will definitely include fish and vegetables, but no meat. It is traditional to eat fish today.  Abstinence from eating meat ensures that no blood is shed in the slaughtering of animals.
My mum would fast during the early part of the day and not take anything to eat until returning home from the three hour Good Friday service. I find myself fasting as well, but not attending the service.
I spent a quiet day, I prepared a fish lunch for both myself and Brownie, since daughter dear went off with friends dressed in a swimsuit...
"Don't go to the beach," I told her.
"Is it okay if I go into the pool then?" she queried. 
"Yes." I replied.

I don't consider myself superstitious, but why tempt the fates?
I had considered making some "real" hot cross buns, but then decided not to...sorry.
I ended up watching a movie this afternoon. A movie I had been saving for a quiet day like today.
And here is where the coincidence comes into play.
I watched the movie "Lincoln."
Abraham Lincoln was assassinated on the night of Good Friday, April 14, 1865. I did not know that.
Wikipedia has a full account of the assassination which can be read here.


  1. I know this is focusing on one particular statement but a belief that not eating meat on Good Friday "ensures that no blood is shed in the slaughtering of animals" is akin to the Sabbatarians on Lewis who will not countenance the purchase of Sunday papers because people have to work to produce them. Meat consumed on Good Friday is not killed on Good Friday any more than a Sunday paper is produced on a Sunday. Monday's paper is produced on Sunday but people still buy that.

    Most of New Zealand's shops are closed by law
    on Good Friday and Easter Sunday. The illogicality is that shops and so on catering purely for the leisure and tourism industry can open. Easter weekend probably sees more people on beaches etc than any other weekend.

    Gosh. Is 'Lincoln' already available outside cinemas?

  2. I had never heard of the Sabbatarians before. Here we have what are called Seven Day Adventists and Closed Brethrens who have some of the ideologies you mentioned.
    I will google the Sabbatarians and do some reading.
    I grew up following the traditions living in my mum's house....we are Anglican.
    As I mentioned in my post I'm not superstitious, but a tourist drowned on Good Friday while staying at a hotel on the south east of the island. The young people couldn't care less when they go to the beach, so even though Good Friday is taboo, they will still go on that day. It's we older folk that adhere to the tradition.
    Yes, Lincoln is already available on dvd, so enjoy. It can also be viewed online.


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