Thursday, 14 March 2013

So what has really been happening

Still no rain on the horizon. The earth remains cracked with earthquake-like craters everywhere. It's windy, a very dry wind.
The ants are all searching above ground for moisture, giving me headaches with my orchids.
The lawn (what lawn?) is a now a patchwork pattern of brown grass and weeds....sigh...
I have been trying in earnest to keep my potted plants and outdoor shrubs alive, by watering sometimes twice a week.
Brazen and company are also trying to find food to eat, as well as satisfy their thirst.

Mr. Brownie had a know how that goes....he's underfoot all morning, and as soon as everything is in place, he's nowhere to be found....exit stage left.

Freshly bathed and towel-dried Brown Berts
(I barely caught him before he tried to roll around in the dirt)

Beast remains grounded, since the part needed does not arrive at the dealers until early next month.
He has been leaking transmission fluid for a little while...not much at first, but then a whole big puddle....internal seal gone. Garage floor telling the tale of woe.

Transmission fluid leak spot on garage floor
(need ideas on how to clean properly)

 I was going to special order the needed part, but then when I heard the cost, I decided I CAN wait.
My mechanic Frank tells me I can still drive my dear old Beast, but I can't bear to know that he's not 100% well, so I've opted not to drive him, and he's taking a rest over at his shop.

The police are requesting that we don't wear our gold jewelry out in public, since the recent introduction of the Cash-For Gold programs have resulted in an increase in gold jewelry theft.
It is estimated that the value of loss for 2013 is at $1 million for jewelry thefts (we are only in the month of March).

Saw one of my girlfriends in the supermarket recently, and she was jewelry-less.
Quoth she, "Wait, you wearing your jewelry?"
Quoth me, "Yes, I refuse to be living in fear of these thieves."
Quoth she once more, "You've got balls!"
Quoth me back to her, "The last I checked they were still there."

 I guess I should start wearing costume jewelry, but why should I?  I'm not putting away my jewelry, nor am I walking around like some timid old woman. I hate being held to ransom by these criminals.

A new legislation is now on the books....The Precious Metals And Second Hand Metals Act 2013 took effect from January 31, 2013, and it is the intention of the Royal Barbados Police Force to fully enforce the provisions of this particular legislation, which makes it mandatory for dealers in precious and second hand metals to license their business, if not be faced with stiff fines up to $50,000. 
They must now operate from a fixed and registered location, so that the practice of encouraging clients to meet at places other than a registered place of business for metal dealers will be discontinued as it facilitates a criminal offence.
Not sure how much good this will do.......since when have crooks ever adhered to the law?

Two of my close friends have had break-ins in the last week, both instances in the middle of the day, and in one instance someone was at home.
What did they take?  Laptops.
I now have friends who are cowering in their homes, all worried.
Nope, not Me.  I will continue to get up every day and open my windows for fresh air to come in. I will continue to have my patio door open to view the scenery outdoors.
We have to fight back. We can't let the minority of "no-gooders" hold the majority of the population to ransom.
Anyone want to take me on for what is mine, is gong to have a fight on their hands. Yes, I'm going down fighting, because sometimes after you give them what they ask for, they're still stabbing and shooting you to death, so I will be putting up a fight. If we all cower and  withdraw into our shells, where will it all end?
The criminals have more guns than the police force, the drug smugglers have faster boats than the Coast Guard, and the technology that the criminals have access to is endless......
they are always a step (or ten steps) ahead of the law.

Some time ago, one of my neighbours chased a woman from her property who was taking a bath using her hose in her garden. In days of yore, one could take a chance and allow some poor wandering soul to indulge on your kindness with a meal and a bath, not it's all a ploy to get into your house...they work in gangs.
Another neighbour bought a flat-screen tv, and instead of tearing the box to pieces and placing in the garbage, he put out the whole box and leaned it up quite picturesquely alongside his other garbage....need I say what happened next?

The house construction in the neighboring village is moving right along...roof is almost finished.

and, oh yes, "We have a new Pope".....Pope Francis I  was chosen as the successor to lead the Roman Catholic Church.

Pope Francis I ( Jorge Mario Bergoglio) from Argentina has become the Catholic church's 266th pope. The first Latin American Pope.

The world is a-changing, so it is.


  1. Sounds like a great place for the criminal fraternity Virginia. Perhaps I will stick to NZ and the Scottish Islands.

    As for the new Pope I wonder how much will really change. He's certainly a good public relations figurehead but contraception in Africa? The Emperor's new clothes comes to mind.

    1. All this criminal activity has been imported from the USA....that's one thing I detest about the behaviour of the youngsters, they're so easily impressed.
      This "something for nothing" attitude is beyond me, since I was raised to work hard for what I want, not lusting after the property of others.
      Yes, you have hit the nail on the head with your sentiments, just like you the tourists are no longer seeing our island as a paradise to visit with this crime that seems to be getting more rampant every day.
      The new Pope will continue to generate lots of interests where his beliefs/thoughts are concerned....Emperor's new clothes and all that.


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