Friday, 1 March 2013

I'm thirsty

We were blessed with a slight drizzle this morning, not even enough to form a puddle.
It was then I saw this poor lizard on top of the water tank trying to quench his thirst in the tiny tiny rain splatters...poor thing.

As he licked and licked, I saw that his thirst could never be quenched from the almost dry splatters of rain.

You know what came next, don't you?  I sprinkled some larger puddles for him to drink.
I knew it was a hot day, but I somehow only thought about water for the birds, now I will also have the lizards in my thoughts as well.


  1. How very kind and thoughtful you are Virginia. We are strange creatures are we not? A fly was irritating me this afternoon while I was preparing food. I swatted it and dumped it in the sink to be flushed away. After a while when I put something in the sink I realised the fly had moved. I had not completely killed it. I did so and flushed it away. I have no compunction about killing flies or wasps but the idea of hurting them and leaving them to die slowly really distresses me. It's a funny old world.

  2. I hardly see any of these native green anoles anymore, so I will safeguard them as much as I can from the other big ugly lizards.
    Even though I have window screens in my kitchen, every day while I'm preparing Brownie's lunch, a fly inevitably gets on the inside. It's always only one fly. I've discovered that Windex takes care of them quickly and efficiently.


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