Tuesday, 26 March 2013

On the lookout again

Yesterday morning, the two pals were at it again.
I called my daughter to come have a look.  She could not believe that I had not staged the scene.
"Mum, how does Brownie get Monkee to sit upright like that?  As if he is really on a stakeout?"
"I have no idea my dear. Made me laugh when I saw the two of them."

What are the two of them yabbering about Brownie?

Women are always yabbering my friend...yabber, yabber, yabber...they go on and on...thank goodness we've only got these two to deal with

Just ignore them Monkee and they'll soon leave us alone.
Keep your eyes out for those varmits......wish they would stop yabbering and come open this patio gate so we can get outside.

Please note, that the scene above is not staged.


  1. Very cute. I'm glad Brownie has someone to help him guard the house. It's a big job for one dog, even a superdog like Brownie.

    1. You're right, Brownie is enjoying Monkee's company and his help in guarding the house.
      I think today he'll be taking a page out of Missy's book by supervising me from afar as I work in the garden....smile.

  2. Really looks like they're enjoying each other's company :)

    1. Yes, they've become fast friends...
      I've been joking around with the photos, but they're taking this stakeout thing quite seriously...they're at it again this morning.


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