Friday, 15 March 2013

Garden chores

Another hot day.  Not the best conditions for trimming and pruning in the garden, but it had to be done.
Yesterday, I decided that the McArthur palms needed to be cleaned and trimmed.
Took the step-ladder out to the base of the palms, and got to work.
In another hour the job was completed.

McArthur palms (Ptychosperma macarthurii)
Cleaning and trimming the fronds allows for better ventilation and now I can see through the foliage better 

Saw Brownie sniffing around intently by the wall where the Japanese Fern tree is planted.

On further investigation, I found that Brazen had left the remains of a mango that he had eaten.

 Note how clean the mango seed has been eaten, this tells me that Brazen and company are very hungry, since they mostly only take a bite or two and then discard...not this time however. Even the skin was cleanly eaten.
We have been experiencing some serious heat and outside is dry with no rain in sight. The neighbourhood fruit trees are empty, so they're making the most of what they do find to eat.

I then noticed that one of my newly planted angelicas had been pulled out of the ground, and had sustained some damage.

Replanted the poor angelica, knowing that there was no guarantee that they would be left alone, since Brazen and company were seeking water and food, and they would probably strike again.

Note the dry grass and the cracked earth

After cleaning up the palm fronds from the ground, my nostrils were assaulted by a heavenly culinary smell....daughter dearest was at it again in the kitchen.  What could be better than a freshly-baked snack after a hard morning's work?

Hot and tasty baked cinnamon churro
With a cold glass of mauby, the churro disappeared in a flash.
All in all, a good morning.


  1. Poor angelica. It must be so disheartening at times having Brazen and gang wreak havoc like that. But you never seem to let it get you down. I suppose it comes with the territory.

  2. Did you say you'd willingly take Brazen off my hands in exchange for Ivy?
    The angelica should be okay as long as it isn't pulled up again.
    I refuse to let Brazen's naughtiness get me down.

  3. I suppose every gardener has its own problems, but that Brazen can be quite a nuisance.

    1. Brazen is quite a nuisance but I know his days are numbered.

    2. Yes, Brazen is a darn nuisance, but his days are numbered.

  4. Similar problems with the heat and drought here Veronica. But no Brazens!

    1. GB, you've fallen into the boat with some of my other crazy friends who call me Veronica when they want me to take special note of what they're
      We need some rain desperately, water rations are in place, so no car washing with hoses etc.

    2. Oh dear that's a real 'oops' then. There seem to be so many of them these days. This one can be put down to a number of things: tiredness; old age; ARADD; the fact that since I was 17 I've had a phobia about forgetting names which inevitably means that I do and that I sometimes get them wrong; that I'd just been reading an email from a croquet person named Veronica (the only one I know I think) telling me that she had used one of my croquet photos in some publicity material; or the fact that I'm simply losing it. It's probably a combination of all of those things combined with sheer ineptitude!

      Grovelling apology!

    3. No need for an apology GB, it happens to me all the time. It's always Veronica, never Vera or Victoria, always always Veronica, maybe it's how the brain works, I have no idea.
      So your croquet photos are making the worldwide rounds, hope you've sold it for a tidy

  5. I need to give my palms a bit of a haircut too. Next weekend...

    1. Have fun with your palm trimming Marisa. A tedious but yet very fulfilling garden weekend indeed.....


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